At one time, game playing on a mobile device was restricted to blocky simple games but now with all the excellent hardware features we have, these small devices have overtaken even the most popular of games consoles to be the most used hardware for games. But not all games are easy to get and some cost quite a bit of money to purchase. Others simply take too long to play, are too hard or tempt you into purchasing extra features to make the game worth playing.

Image : XmodGames Download Tutorial

Enter XModGames, a popular installer that contains loads of the very best games, all for free. And, even better, these are not your standard games; each has been modified in some way to bring you premium and extra features that would cost you if you wanted them in the official app. As well as that, XModGames [ext link] also has these features:

XModGames Features :

  • User-friendly interface makes using it easy
  • Free to download and use
  • All content is free 
  • Play tweaked games with unlimited lives, unlimited time and a whole lot more
  • Works for iOS and Android
  • In-app forum where you can get together with other gamers
  • Graphics enhancement on some games
  • Acts as an accelerator on some games
  • Built-in scripts that automate some gameplay
  • Screen recorder built-in
  • Updated on a regular basis to keep it safe and bug-free

XModGames is packed with cool features; plenty of games to choose from and that nifty screen recorder called Airshou [ext link] that lets you record anything and shoot full HD video. There are two things that you need to be aware of:

  1. Not all games are featured because the app developers have refused to allow them in XModGames. They say that it isn’t fair to all players for some to be using modified versions.
  2. Some app developers may decide to bar you from using their game if they find out that you are already using a modified version. If they do suspend your account or ban you, neither we nor XModGames will take any responsibility

How to Download XModGames :

If you want to install XModGames on your Android or iOS device, you will need to follow our carefully prepared guide exactly as written because you cannot get this app form any of the app stores. The link below takes you to the download links and the tutorials:

Video : Video Tutorial of Steps

Do let us know how you get on with XModGames and make sure you get all the latest developer updates by following us on Facebook .

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