Download and Install iOS 7 without UDID Registration

Now that iOS 7 has been unveiled and the official iOS 7 IPSW made available to registered developers, there will be many who want to download it but can’t.  If you are a registered developer you can follow our guide to download the relevant official iOS 7 IPSW for your device. If you are not registered you can download it without UDID activation.  Here’s how to do it .

Image : Installing beta iOS without UDID Registrtation


  1. First, download the latest firmware for your device – iPhone users should download 6.1.4 and everyone else, 6.1.3. (Download Links Below)
  2. Download the iOS 7 IPSW – you can find [email protected] links on Google but download at your own risk.
  3. Use your USB cable to connect your device to your computer.
  4. Launch iTunes from your PC desktop
  5. Press the SHIFT  key on your keyboard (OPTION for Macs) and click Update at the same time on iTunesitunes-updates-iOS-7
  6. Choose the right IPSW – 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 ipsw
  7. Let iTunes restore your device to the chosen firmware and set it up as a new device – not from your back up.
  8. On the Home Screen, find Check for Updates
  9. Don’t click, just highlight it, hold down SHIFT  or OPTION  and click on Update again
  10. Select the iOS 7 IPSW and iTunes will update your device to the new firmware

iOS 6.1.3 ipsw Download Links for iOS 7 Installation :

Disclaimer :

This is done at entirely your own risk. Instead of running the risk of destroying your expensive device, consider registering for a Developers account at Apple. This will give you early access to firmware upgrades and downloads as soon as they are available.

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  1. right now i have ios 6.1.4 on my iphone 5. do i have to download 6.1.3 and then put 7 on? or should i simply restore my phone then check for new update and pull up 7.. will that have all my backup files on it as well as the new software. sorry, first time trying to understand

  2. I am not developer, also not register as one. If I download the firmware from the link you provided. After the installation, will I have problem with the activation for my device?

  3. Hi I have an iPhone 4 GSM (A1332) with iOS 6.1.3 and I have a tethered jailbreak installed through rensn0w 0.915b3.

    I tried to upgrade to iOS 7 beta 4 through iTunes (using the ipsw for iPhone 4) but got a “The firmware is not compatible” message.

    What is the solution to this?


    1. what do you think it means you fucking idiot it means you have to restore your phone back to factory first. You are going to ruin your phone trying to update a JAILBROKEN version of your shit to a BETA version of the software. how fucking dumb can you be that you cant figure this out on your own???????

  4. How difficult is it to understand? If you want to keep your jailbreak, then do not install the iOS 7. You can either hold on to 6.1.3 and wait for a jailbreak for 7. Or you can install 7 if you think you’re good without a jailbreak. In any case, i believe a jailbreak will be available soon. You can check here for another guide on iOS 7 beta 4 installation

  5. gostaria de saber qual a solução para o erro -1 no iphone 5,ele não completa a atualização no itunes oque eu faço ajuda por favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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