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iOS 7 is, without a doubt, the most radical overhaul of Apple’s operating system to date.  It’s been torn down and rebuilt, from the ground up and, as well as loads of brand new features, it has a complete new look as well.  Because of this, many developers have had to make some fundamental changes to their apps to be compatible with iOS 7 and to fit in with newly designed interface.

Image : WhatsApp for iPhone 5 on iOS 7 in hand

whatsapp download ios 7

WhatsApp is one such app that has been undergoing work and we now have a few screenshots that have been leaked, showing the new look app.  While we have no firm information, these images appear to be an indication that, although no announcement has been made, there will be an update to WhatsApp at some time in the near future, to make it fit properly with iOS 7.

While the apps store apps don’t really need to be redesigned to fit with the new firmware, most seem to be of the opinion that, for the sake of a uniform look, it’s better if they are and, as such, many app are now being redesigned as a priority.

The new screenshots show that WhatsApp now looks as though you would expect an iOS 7 app to look – flat, clean and minimalistic.  While the skeuomorphic icon from iOS 6 still looks the same, it’s a good bet that this will also be changed before the update is released.

Image : WhatsApp iOS 7 Interface

whatsapp ios 7

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What do you think of the new look WhatsApp? Do you like it or do you prefer the old style?

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