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More people than ever before use their iOS devices for listening to music, be it what they have downloaded from iTunes or stream through a music service such as the highly popular Spotify. With millions of daily users, Spotify can be used for free, although you can expect regular ads to pop up and features are limited. There is also a paid version, costing $9.99 a month, which offers more features and is not supported by ads. For those who would rather not pay the monthly subscription, there is Spotify++, a modified version of the stock app that offers all those premium features without having to pay that subscription. Even better, you don’t even need to jailbreak to get it. Before we talk about how to download Spotify++ [ext link], here are some of the features:

Image : Spotify Plus Download Tutorial

Features of Spotify++ :

Together with the stock features, Spotify++ also offers:

  • No irritating ads
  • Unlimited track scrubbing  
  • Unlimited track skipping
  • The very best in sound streaming quality
  • No jailbreak required
  • Free to download and use

How to Download Spotify++ :

You will not be able to download Spotify++ by heading to the iOS app store. Instead, because it is not an official app, you will need to download Cyrus Installer, an app installer that makes it easy to download external apps:

  1. Use the steps at the link to download Cyrus Installer [ext link] 
  2. Launch Cyrus Installer and then go to the search bar
  3. Type Spotify++ and wait for the search to finish
  4. Tap on the Spotify++ result that corresponds to your iOS version
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Spotify++
  6. When the installation is complete, close Cyrus Installer
  7. Tap on the new Spotify++ icon on your home page to open the app and begin using it

How to Fix Spotify++ Crashing Error :

Because you must install Spotify++ through a third-party app installer, Apple does not see it as an official app. Because of this, they will revoke the certificate, and this will cause Spotify++ to crash, usually within a few days of installing it. You may reinstall it and start again but the certificate will be revoked every time. By installing NessTool [ext link], you can stop this from happening. NessTool is a VPN tool that hides the app certificate, protecting it from being revoked, allowing you to use it with no disruption.

For those of you who love music and listen to it everywhere, be it at home or on the go, Spotify++ is the app for you. With no need to jailbreak and no need to pay anything for using it, you don’t have a thing to lose by trying it. With so few jailbreaks in evidence these days, more of these independent third-party apps are becoming available, as are more installers similar to Cyrus. Try installers like AppValley, TweakBox, Emus4U and TweakBox, all offering a little bit of what Cydia has without actually replacing it.

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