Phantom for Snapchat

One of the most popular of all iOS apps is one called Snapchat, a video and photo messaging app. While Snapchat is already packed full of features, you can always use a few more and that’s where Phantom for Snapchat comes in. Phantom for Snapchat can only be got via an app called Extensify [ext link], an app that allows you to download tweaks to modify apps on your iOS device.

Image : Phantom for Snapchat Download


Phantom Features :

In order to use Phantom for Snapchat, you must have the official Snapchat app [ext link]. If you haven’t got it, you can get it through the iOS app store. Phantom for Snapchat [ext link] supports iOS 7 through iOS 10 and includes features such as :

  • Saving your Snaps so you can read them when you are ready to
  • Keeping you Snaps open for as long as you want by disabling the Hold gesture phantom3
  • Keeping Snaps in your feed and then marking them read when you are ready to
  • Using multiple contacts at the same time for each Snap
  • Disabling Phantom when you no longer want to use it
  • Saving photos and videos to a password protected folder, a specified photo album or straight to your camera roll
  • Changing the color of the text, the font and the size of the text, as well as the background color on captions
  • Enabling notifications in the status bar and setting notifications sounds
  • Configuring Phantom in your Settings app through a specific preferences pane

How to Download Phantom for Snapchat :

  1. Download Snapchat if needed from iTunes of Google PlayStore
  2. Download Extensify [ext link]. This is required to download Phantom and you can use our step by step guide to downloading Extensify onto your iOS device
  3. Tap on the Extensify icon from your home screen to open it extensify-home-ios-10
  4. Search for Phantom in Extensify extensify_ios_ 9.3.4 half
  5. Tap on Get beside Phantom to send the tweak for building – Extensify tweaks are known as Exos and, because they are not system-deep tweaks like those found in Cydia, you have to  build a modified version of the app you are tweaking phantom_app_extensify_1phantom_app_extensify_2
  6. When the build is finished, install it to your iOS device phantom_login_snapchat

The icon on your home screen will be labeled as Phantom +, with the + sign identifying it as an Extensify tweak or Exo. If you want more than this, more than Extensify offers, you must install Cydia [ext link] by jailbreaking your iOS device. You can do this with PPHelper for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3.

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