A high percentage of the jailbreak community is missing out on installing Cydia because the only jailbreak that we have right now is Yalu jailbreak and that only works on a few devices. Not only that, it requires Cydia Impactor to install it to your iPhone or iPad and for that, you need your Apple ID. Because so many of us can’t use the jailbreak, we are turning to other ways to get our Cydia content, app installers like AppValley [ext link], vShare and Emus4U. But all of these, including Yalu jailbreak, share a common issue , the apps keep crashing. The reason for this is that Apple will continually revoke the app certificates because they haven’t signed them, and they don’t see them as valid. It matters not how many times you reinstall your apps; Apple will continue to revoke the certificates on a regular basis.

Image : NessTool Download Tutorial

This is more than a little annoying because it takes time to keep on reinstalling apps and jailbreaks, especially when you are one of those that download tons of apps. Also, you may not be aware that you will lose any progress you have made on an app or game and that means starting over , every single time. And don’t think that your ++ apps, like Snapchat++ [ext link], are safe either because Apple will quite happily pull those certificates too. There is an easy way to get around this though, with a tool called NessTool.

How Does NessTool Work ?

When you first download NessTool [ext link], it will ask you to let it create a VPN configuration on your iPhone or iPad. Allow this because without it, NessTool can’t work. It will install a VPN to your device that, whenever Apple comes looking for app certificates to verify, will block the app. This means Apple can’t see the certificate and can’t revoke it, leaving you free to carry on as you were.

NessTool doesn’t hog any space or resources on your device and it will never get in the way of what you are doing. It will work away in the background, protecting your apps but it will only work on those apps you already installed. If you need to install any afterwards, either update it or delete NessTool and start again.

If you want to know if NessTool is safe to use, check out our post on how VPN’s work and then make sure you are always up to date with the latest news by following us on Facebook

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