One of the biggest pastimes these days is using iPhones and iPad to watch movies and TV Shows and one of the very best apps to do this with is called MovieBox. With plenty to choose from, MovieBox is packed with all the latest content, Full HD movies and episodes of your favorite TV shows. Unlike many other media apps, you can choose between streaming or downloading so you can watch offline later and, with no jailbreak needed, MovieBox is open to more people than ever before.

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In a while, we will show you how to download MovieBox [ext link] but first, we need to tell you that you can’t download it from the app store, even though it doesn’t need a jailbreak. Apple has some severe restrictions in place for their apps and one that provides free movie content won’t meet their requirements. However, it is safe, but you need to download AppValley before you can download MovieBox.

How to Download MovieBox :

If you are unused to downloading an app in this way, don’t worry, it is easy enough to do. You just need to make sure that you follow the steps below carefully and you should be up and running in a couple of minutes, depending on your internet connection. We will also be talking you through how to fix a couple of errors that you will come across. First, though, let’s look at downloading MovieBox:

  1. Follow the steps in the linked post to Download AppValley [ext link] 
  2. When the installation has finished, open AppValley on your home screen
  3. Go to the search facility and type MovieBox 
  4. When the search has completed, select the result that matches your iOS version 
  5. On the popup window, tap on Download and then Install when the confirmation box loads
  6. Wait for MovieBox to finish installing and come out of AppValley
  7. On your home screen, you should now see the MovieBox icon , tap to open and start exploring 

How to Fix MovieBox Errors :

The first error is likely to be experienced by new users only and these steps are something you can do immediately after installing MovieBox. The error will present itself as an Unknown Source error and it is because Appel doesn’t recognize the World of Enterprise source as being valid. Fixing it is simple:

  1. Launch Settings on your device and go to General > Profile and Device Management 
  2. Find the World of Enterprise certificate, tap it and then tap Trust
  3. Close Settings, try MovieBox again and it will work

The next error is one that every user will come across. Every 7 days or so after installing MovieBox, it will crash and the only way you can get it back is to reinstall it. This happens because Apple will verify and revoke unknown certificates and the only way to prevent this is to install a VPN tool after you install MovieBox. This will stop the certificates from being revoked and the tool is called NessTool [ext link] .

MovieBox Alternative :

Not everyone will get on with MovieBox but there is another one that you can use:

  • CinemaBox

CinemaBox is a good alternative to MovieBox, offering the same options for downloading and streaming movies and TV shows direct to your device. The differences are, CinemaBox has a Kids mode for protecting children from watching unsuitable content and it is Chromecast enabled, meaning you can cast the screen to a large one for much better viewing enjoying. To get all this on your device, without a jailbreak, click the link to download CinemaBox.

If you prefer to jailbreak you can install Yalu jailbreak and then download MovieBox from Cydia in the same way that you download any jailbreak app.

Try MovieBox, let us know what you think of it and get all the latest updates by following us on Facebook.

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