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This year’s WWDC held a number of exciting announcements, including the unveiling of the new Apple firmware, iOS 7.  It’s nothing like its predecessor and includes a number of new features, some of which look suspiciously like jailbreak tweaks, although with less customization.  Apple released the iPhone 5 beta of iOS 7 almost immediately but there will be one available for the iPod Touch 5 in the very near future.

Image : iPod Touch iOS 7 Download

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The iPod Touch 5 is highly suited to all of the new features that iOS 7 delivers.  If you are not a registered iOS developer, it might be worth joining up now to get full access as soon as the iOS 7 Beta is available. If you don’t want to pay the $99 yearly subscription you will have to wait until September when the public version is released.  In the meantime, you could download the jailbreak tweaks to get an idea of what some of the iOS 7 features look like.

If you are eagerly awaiting a jailbreak for iOS 7, one is being worked on right now. Between Evad3rs and P0sixninja, most, if not all, of the exploits have been found and they are now in the throes of testing the new firmware before going ahead with the build. As soon as the utility is ready for release we’ll let you know.

Download iPod Touch 5 iOS 7 ipsw Links :

iOS 7.0 Full Version :

iOS 7 GM – Final Beta

iOS 7 Beta 4 Official Links : Requires Developers Account

Download iOS 7 Beta 4 IPSW (Un-Official Links – Copy+Paste in your browser) :

  • iPod Touch (5th generation) – Link 

Very Important : Converting DMG to IPSW Format

Windows users are going to face a problem related to dmg compatibility on Windows system. For them , there is a simple solution to Convert DMG to IPSW format by extracting the ipsw file from the encrypted .dmg file they downloaded .

iOS 7 Beta 3 (Official) : Release Date 8th July 2013

Download iOS 7 Beta 3 IPSW (Un-Official Links) :

  • iPod touch (5th generation) – Link

iOS 7 Beta 2 (official)

iOS 7 beta 2 (leaked links)

  • iPod touch (5th generation) Link –  http://jbmodo.com/1a21ykG

iOS 7 beta 1 (official)

iOS 7 beta 1 (leaked links)

  • iPod touch (5th generation) Link – http://jbmodo.com/ZRQHTI

Once the iOS 7 beta is available for the iPod Touch 5, you will be able to download it via iTunes, IPSW or OTA. In the meantime stay with us as we bring you more news and alerts.




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