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Monday 10th June saw the unveiling of iOS 7, followed by the Beta edition for developers.  While the developers take a closer look at it, it’s coming to light that many of the new features on it, while a first for Apple, are actually already available as jailbreak tweaks.  Right now, it’s only available for iPhone 5 users but if you have an iPhone 4S and want to see what these features will look like, take a look at our guide to getting them.

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If you are already a registered developer, as soon as the iPhone 4S beta becomes available you will be able to download it immediately. If you are not, you will either have to join the program or wait until the firmware is publicly released, around September time.

For those who are anxiously awaiting news of an untethered jailbreak, one will be available for release but not until later in the year. The iPhone 4S is more than ready for iOS 7, being one of the limited number of devices compatible with it and will therefore be ready for jailbreaking later on this year.

UPDATE 20/01/2015

The iPhone 4S has received support for Apple’s latest firmware, iOS 8. This is likely to be the last firmware that the 3-year-old iPhone supports so users should make the most of it and update while they can. All versions of iOS 8 can be jailbroken so owners won’t be missing out on anything by updating to the latest iOS 8.1.2 firmware – in fact, there are many more Cydia tweaks and apps for users to choose from so updating now will give your iPhone 4S a real new lease of life.

Download iOS 7 for iPhone 4S :

iOS 7.0.3 Full Version :

iOS 7.0.2 Full Version :

iOS 7.0 Full Version :

iOS 7 GM – Final Beta

  • iPhone 4S

iOS 7 Beta 6 (Un-Official links)

  • iPhone 4S

Beta 5 Update : A few days earlier than we thought it would be, iOS 7 Beta 5 has been released to registered developers. Beta 4 suffered a delay because of the attack on the Apple Development Center website, resulting in its closure for a while but Apple seems to be back on top of things again.

iOS 7 Beta 5 can be downloaded OTA by opening Settings on your iPhone 4S, entering General and then Software Update.

Changes in beta 5 include a new design to the lock screen and On/Off toggle in the settings to turn Control Center off to avoid going into it by accident, new icons in the Settings app, and some minor redesigns.

iOS 7 Beta 5 Official Links : Requires Developers Account

iOS 7 Beta 5 IPSW (Un-Official Links) :

  • iPhone 4S – Link

As a non-developer you can upgrade in the following way, although there is no guarantee it will be successful:

  1. Download iOS 7 Beta 5 IPSW and then connect your iPhone 4S to your PC
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Navigate to Device Summary, press SHIFT (OPTION for Mac) and then click on Update in iTunes at the same time itunes update iphone
  4. Find the IPSW and iTunes will do the rest.

If you are unlucky enough to get an Activation error you can either downgrade back to 6.1.3 or you can pay your $99 yearly fee and register with the developer program.

iOS 7 Beta 4 Official Links : Requires Developers Account

Download iOS 7 Beta 4 IPSW (Un-Official Links – Copy+Paste in your browser) :

Very Important : Converting DMG to IPSW Format

Windows users are going to face a problem related to dmg compatibility on Windows system. For them , there is a simple solution to Convert DMG to IPSW format by extracting the ipsw file from the encrypted ios 7 beta 4 .dmg file they downloaded .

iOS 7 Beta 3 (Official) : Release Date 8th July 2013

Download iOS 7 Beta 3 IPSW (Un-Official Links) :

iOS 7 Beta 2 (official)

  • iOS 7 beta 2 release – iPhone 4S

iOS 7 Beta 2 (leaked links)

  • iPhone 4S Link – http://jbmodo.com/18yjT7r

 iOS 7 beta 1 (official)

If you need to know how to download the firmware when it is available for the iPhone 4S, you can follow our guide on downloading via IPSW, iTunes or OTA. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the latest breaking news as it becomes available. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed or YouTube.




  1. Sir, I own a apple iPhone 4s, I am from India, I need ur guidance in updating IOS7 in my 4s. thanks

    1. read the site for more details on downloading iOS 7 and then installing it using iTunes . the methods is very simple and easy.

  2. i downloaded ios 7 from the link but it does not appear on my computer when i press ,shift -- update,why is that?? please help

    1. u need to put the actual ios 7 download on ur desktop llike drag it from ur downloads to there

  3. I tryed my 4S update to ios 7 but all the version that i tryed doesn’t work I get same problem “firmware not compatible” i tryed to download also other version from iPhone 4 GSM or CDMA but stil i get same problem!!!???

    1. There was 100% but the new features are very good, we wait to see if anything else changes.

      Thank you.

  4. hi Guys
    i have a 4s with IOS7 beta6, cant find a download link for the beta 7
    can you send it to me to choose the firmware

    thank you

  5. I stuck in ios 8.0.2. I have iphone 4s and trust me it is working worst with ios 8.0.2 and I am not getting what to do with this apple phone it is working very badly and apple has stopped downgrade.

    I tried many ways and many ipsw in itunes I am getting 3194 error i tried by changing host file also

    Can you please suggest which ios is best in iphone 4s 16 GB and how can i get that in my phone

    Thanks in advance

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