iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Update

The jailbreak front has been very quiet in recent months; neither Pangu nor Taig has had anything to say about whether there will be another jailbreak before iOS 10 is released in just under 2 weeks’ time when WWDC 2016 kicks off in San Francisco.  We haven’t been without news of a jailbreak or two, though, courtesy of an Italian hacker by the name of Luca Todesco.  First, just a couple of hours after Apple seeded beta 1 of iOS 9.3.3 Download [ext link] to developers, he showed us a photo of an iPod Touch, running the beta firmware and jailbroken. Not long after this, he gave us a video of an iPhone 6S, running iOS 9.3.2 and, yes you guessed, jailbroken.

Image : iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Update

ios 9.3.3 jailbreak Download

Todesco will not release either of these jailbreaks to us and, in the absence of anything at all from Taig and Pangu it could well be that he is just taunting them, saying if he can do it, why can’t they. There may, of course, be a very good reason why the jailbreak teams are not producing jailbreaks at this time. After all, at the rate Apple is throwing updates at us, there is a high chance that they will be patched up pretty much straight away. It may be considered better to wait for iOS 10 to be the main focus and then release an iOS 10 jailbreak, knowing that we will have at least a few weeks to enjoy it.

It could also be considered bad play to be showing off jailbreaks for beta versions, essentially telling Apple that there are exploits there and giving them every chance to patch them up. In that vein, we have yet another jailbreak video. This time, it comes from Greek team, GSMagic, a team that hasn’t been heard from since they produced a Nokia 3320 Unlocker tool in 2003. Their video, which you can see below, was uploaded to YouTube [shown below] and clearly shows an iPhone 6S running iOS 9.3.3 beta. It then shows the hacker launching Cydia iOS 9 [ext link], again showing the iOS version and the opening up a familiar Cydia tweak, MTerminal. He finishes by inputting a command or two, showing that it works just fine, exactly as you would expect on a genuine jailbreak.

Video : iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Success

Where this video stands out from the others is the description underneath, where GSMagic are hinting very broadly at a public release. Leading on from that, they now say that they will, pending their tool being legitimate, release their iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak [ext link] by a certain date. It is strange enough in itself that they would give a deadline but what is even odder about the situation is that, if the jailbreak has not been released by that date, it won’t be released at all – read into that what you will.

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