iOS 7 Supported Devices

iOS 7 is now almost 3 weeks old. Beta 1 was released on Monday 10th June followed, a mere 2 weeks later, by Beta 2 which also included the long-awaited support for the iPad and iPad Mini.  Beta 1 has thrown up some quite serious issues that have affected only certain devices.  Some have reported overheating, crashing issues and poor battery life.  Beta 2 has not really addressed any of these issues at this stage, only added in a few more enhanced features and concentrates a little more on speed and performance.


When they built iOS 7, Apple took the decision to only make it available to newer devices. It is expected that it will be released towards the end of September, alongside the new iPhone 5S.The following is a list of those devices that are supported, along with some of the features that may be available on each one:

  • iPhone 4                  Square and Video, Swipe to Capture, Photo Filters
  • iPhone 4S               Same as iPhone 4 + Siri, Panorama
  • iPhone 5                  Same as iPhone 4S + Camera Filters, AirDrop
  • iPad 2                         Not known – more details shortly
  • iPad 3                         Photo Filters
  • iPad 4                         Photo Filters, AirDrop, Siri
  • iPad Mini                 Square and Video, Swipe to Capture, Photo Filters, AirDrop, Siri
  • iPod Touch 5        All of the above features

All devices that have an internet connection will have Find My iPhone plus the new security feature that Apple has introduced, Activation Lock.  More details on what is available on the iPad will become available as Beta 2 testing for the iPad and iPad Mini gets under way.

If your device is not listed it isn’t supported, which means an iOS 7 jailbreak will also not work on it.

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