iOS 7 Beta 4 Activation Error Fix

Despite the fact that non-developers can download iOS 7 Beta 4 due to a small security flaw, some people are still getting an error message when they try to do so. The error message tells you that you are not a part of the developer program and that you should register your device before trying again. There are 3 ways to get round this.

Updated : Fix iOS 7 beta expired error . Read the complete tutorial here .

activation error

Method 1 : Restore back to previous firmware

Place your device into DFU mode, restore it back to 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 if you have an iPhone 5 and then follow the guide here to Install iOS 7 Beta 4 using iTunes again .

How to Put Your Device into DFU:

  1. Connect your computer and device together.
  2. Turn off mobile device
  3. Hold down Power button for 3 seconds
  4. Now hold down the Home button as well for 10 seconds – make sure you are holding both down
  5. Let go of the Power button but continue to press the Home button until iTunes pops up a message saying it has detected a device in recovery mode.

At this point your device screen should be blank with no logos showing. To get out of DFU mode, if you need to, hold the Home and Power buttons down until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

Method 2 : Register on Apple developer Centre for $99

Register with the Apple Development Program. It costs just $99 per year and gives you legal access to all of the beta’s and test software that Apple releases. You also get the added benefit of support from Apple and the other developers if things go wrong or you need help of some sort – downloading without UDID activation means you are on your own.

Update : Solution

iOS 7 Activation Error

It has come to our notice that Apple has probably fixed the UDID Activation hole and now all iOS 7 beta 4 unregistered users are stuck at the Activation screen even after successfully installing iOS 7 beta using our tutorial. The solution to this is install iOS 7 Beta 3 which can still be installed without any activation errors .

Method 3: Get your device UDID Activated from a developer for $10

udid activation screen ios 7

Still no fix. Get your UDID Activated for 1 year for 10$. Email us your UDID number at . Paypal Payments Only . UDID Activation’s are available for First 50 Users . No Overselling . Manual UDID Activation Only . Best Solution to iOS 7 Activation Problem .




  1. My solution to this problem was rather than restore, update ios 7 beta 4 without putting the device in DFU mode

    1. Thanks for your Comment . You can get your UDID activated for $10 and solve the Activation Error . We own the Dev account and giving out slots for our readers . Send an email and reserve your slot . .

      Here are few UDID’s we activated just now .

  2. Simple… go to software update and click update or just lookup udid registration for $5 and you’re registered for 1 year.

  3. Rather dan restor its betr to upgrade d firmware to avoid dis error. If u r upgrading den it wont check fr any registration. If d prblm persist n u r stil starvn for ios 7,den full restore iphn to 6.1.4 n do a fresh xtractn of ipsw file frm dmg , n try again an upgrade wit dat firmware. Dat ws d soltn for me :) al d bst!

  4. 1. Like your facebook page, done
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    3. UDID : d84a0d6bd3aad96d629b3bdc3914aa2042358894

    i have been installed ios 7 on my iphone 4 but there’s activation error because my udid not registered. now i can’t use my iphone
    :( please help me ..

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