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Now that iOS 11 download [ext link] has been launched at WWDC 2017, Apple can get on with the job of ensuring that it is ready for the official release in September. To that end, the first beta version of the new firmware has now been released to developers and will be made available to public beta testers in a few weeks.

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With all their attention focused on iOS 11 Jailbreak [ext link], we can only hope that the Cupertino company forgets about any more updates to iOS 10, giving the jailbreak developers a chance to produce something usable. Before we talk about jailbreaks, let’s look at what iOS 11 is going to bring us:

iOS 11 Features :

  • A fresh look to the iOS App store for the first time ever
  • New compression techniques and other features added to Camera and Photo apps
  • Maps app and Siri get new functionality
  • Easier file browsing in local and cloud storage with new File app 
  • Lock screen, Control center, and Notification center to get an overhaul
  • P2P iMessage integration for Apple Cash Pay, a new Apple Pay app
  • And a load more

The article above tells you all the details about the new features and changes that we know about so far.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Update :

Most iOS users will be well aware that jailbreaks for iOS 10 have been very limited, not just in how many we have had but in who can use those that have been released. So far, the only developer to do anything for the jailbreak community is Luca Todesco, releasing Yalu Jailbreak [ext link] and subsequently updating it to support iOS 10.2. However, there is no chance of it being updated any further, given that Todesco has now stepped away from iOS security work and given that he has already told us how difficult things are getting for jailbreaking.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak

There is also the concern that this difficulty will continue with iOS 11 although that isn’t something we can comment on right now. iOS 11 is on the first of many beta versions and it will be a couple of months before the jailbreak developers can even begin to determine the chances of a jailbreak for the new firmware. Given that, if you are one of the few that can successfully run Yalu Jailbreak, don’t update and risk losing it , you will not be able to downgrade and you will lose the ability to jailbreak for now.

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