How to Use Cheap Non-Supported USB Cables on iOS 7

Apple makes no secret of the fact that they want you to use official cables with your iOS devices.  Unfortunately, many find these cables expensive and prefer to go for the cheaper generic cables.  When they built iOS 7, they stopped supporting unauthorized cables.  Now, when you plug in an unofficial one you get a warning message, telling you that the cable isn’t certified and might not work as it should.

Image : iOS 7 Cable Accessory Not Supported Error – Not Charging Problem

ios 7 lightning cable not supported

While there are those who believe that Apple is just being a little on the greedy side, there is a good reason for the decision.  Each and every official cable is fully tested and has to meet the safety regulations of governments across the world, not just in the USA.  There are also a number of cables available, each one specific to and tested to work with certain models of iOS device

Image : iOS 7 lightning cables available in the market

lightning cable iphone 5 cheap

For those that really can’t afford to go out and buy an official cable there is a way for you to get iOS 7 to work on the cheaper ones:

  1. Plug your cable into your device and then connect it to the USB port on your computer
  2. Ignore any warnings that come up by tapping on Dismiss
  3. Unlock your device in the normal way
  4. Tap Dismiss again if another warning appears cable ios 7
  5. With the screen on remove the cable from your device
  6. Re-insert it, tap on Dismiss on the warning
  7. You should now find your device is charging properly.

UPDATE 16/01/2015

This issue is not limited to iOS 7. Indeed, many people who have updated to iOS 8+ have also experienced the same issue with the same message popping up on screen. This is because the withdrawal of support for unauthorized cables has continued from iOS 7 into iOS 8. For those who are not jailbroken, the above method will still work. However, if you have jailbroken iOS 8+ there is a tweak that has been released specifically to allow you to use unauthorised cables and it’s called Support Unsupported Accessories iOS 8 – more details here.

Of course, there is a good reason why Apple discourages the use of unofficial cables.  Earlier this year we reported on the death of a Chinese woman who was electrocuted while using her iPhone – it later transpired it was plugged in to a cheap, counterfeit charging cable.

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  1. I travel a lot. I am not taking multiple chargers with me. Just one usb universal charger. So i solved my apple problem. I sold my 2 ipads and iphone at a second hand shop. I will only buy androids in the future. Problem solved!

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