How to take Screenshots on Apple iWatch – Capture Screen

The Apple watch has now been available to the public for a couple of days and those that have got one are busy exploring what the latest product from the Cupertino Company is actually capable of. The Apple Watch is the first new product category from the company since before Steve Jobs died and, although there are those who believe it will not live up to the hype, pre-order figures have already smashed the $2 billion mark.

Image : Taking Screenshots on Apple Watch

iwatch screenshot apple watch

One thing that we love doing with our iOS devices is taking a screenshot. We do it with our iPhones and with the iPad to a certain extent and now, you can do it with the Apple Watch too. The principle here is pretty much the same as the iPhone, except, on the Watch, the Digital Crown acts as the Home button and the side button acts as the power button. To take a screenshot using your Apple Watch, all you do is the following steps.

How to take Screenshots on Apple Watch :

  1. Press the side button (underneath the Digital Crown) and hold it
  2. Now press the Digital Crown down as well without letting go of the side button . Release the Digital Crown button immediately . iwatch screenshot apple watch 2015

You can try it by pressing both buttons down together but that way is a little more prone to errors, or you can try pressing the Crown in first and then the side button but you run the risk of invoking Siri.

When you get it right, the screen on the Apple Watch will flash and the screenshot will be taken. However, where this differs from the iPhone is that the screenshots cannot be accessed on the Apple watch itself. Instead, they are automatically synced to your iPhone camera roll so, when you want to find them, open the Photos app and tap on Camera Roll, or if you are using the iCloud Photo Library in the photos app, just tap on All Photos and you will find your Apple Watch screenshots.

Image : Captured Apple Watch Screen

iwatch screenshots

Have you got yourself an Apple Watch ? Have you discovered any cool things it can do yet ?

Source : Apple Suport

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  1. So this is why nearly every time I took a swing with my golf club my watch made the camera clicking sound. I found over 35 screen shots on my camera roll. (no, I am not that good of a golfer. It must not have worked ever time.) It appears that the collar of my golf glove would press both buttons when I swung the club.

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