How to Permanently Delete Apps from iPhone 6 on iOS 8

Is your iPad or iPhone packed full of apps, iBooks, games and other stuff that you really don’t use ? Then it is a simple task to delete anything you don’t want via iTunes. We all get a bit trigger happy at times, downloading apps from iTunes that we use once and never again, books that we never read or music that we really didn’t want. Whenever you synchronize your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, all of these get saved and then put back on your device when you restore from that back, taking up much needed space and memory. If you have a lot of stuff you don’t need on your device, you should delete it before you sync or restore.

Image : Permanently Delete Apps from iPhone or iPad

permanently delete iphoen 6 apps

There are several options you can use for managing your apps, music, videos and other content. Apps like iFunbox and iTools are much easier to use than iTunes but if you haven’t got these apps or are not familiar with them, you can use iTunes.

How to Permanently Delete iPhone 6 Apps :

  1. Open iTunes
  2. From the left sidebar menu, click on Choose Appsdelete iphone 6 apps permanently from appstore itunes1
  3. A list of apps will show up , go through the list and pick out the ones you no longer want, or have been deleted from your device but are still on your account delete iphone 6 apps permanently from appstore itunes3
  4. If you use Windows, press on CTRL and click the app you want to get rid of
  5. When you have clicked on all the apps you want to remove, right-click and select Delete from the menu
  6. A message will appear asking if you are sure you want to continue – click on Delete Appdelete iphone 6 apps permanently from appstore itunes2
  7. You will be given an option to “Move to Trash” if you want to permanently get rid of the selected apps or “Keep Files” – make your decision and click the relevant button delete iphone 6 apps permanently from appstore itunes0
  8. Note that all of the apps, music, movies, iBooks etc. that you have chosen will also be deleted from any device that has been synchronized through iTunes.

That’s all there is to deleting unwanted and unused apps from your iPhone or iPad. There are lots of alternatives to iTunes that you can use, you can see some comparisons of the best apps here. Have you found any other apps that you like using ?

Source : iOS 8 Jailbreak Blog

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