How to Get iPhone UDID Activated

In this tutorial I will explain step by step process to Activate your iPhone UDID for Cheap . As you may already know , UDID activation on Apple Dev Centre is required for installing iOS Beta Firmwares , which includes the latest iOS 7 updates . Beta’s are not available to the general public before its official release . To test the awesome features of iOS 7 , you have to get your UDID Activated/Registered using a developers account first .

How to Get UDID Activated for Cheap :

To get UDID Activated , you need your device UDID to be registered into Apple’s Developers Center . The membership charge for registration is $99 for a year . This is something not everyone is going to afford to activate couple of iOS devices . The alternative way to get your device added is getting some Developer to add your device and in return pay him for allotting you the udid slots , which ranges from $5 to $15 based on the quality and level of service they provide . All UDID Activation’s are valid for a year .

Steps to Get UDID Activated :

There are couple of ways to get in touch with these Apple developers . We have explained the Two popular and trusted methods below . But first you have to Find your UDID . We have written a quick tutorial to do just that . We are also running a UDID Giveaway contest for the 3rd time in a row , because we know this is the time you need the UDID most .  We are selling the first 50 UDID’s and giving the rest 50 away to our valuable readers . Please read the entire article for instructions on udid registration .

Method 1 : Premium UDID Activation

Email our own UDID Registration team at . You will be replied with details about Paypal payment and estimated time of activation which is usually within 1 hour . It is a premium service and costs $10 per UDID activation + assistance in installing and activating iOS 7 on your device with full refund guarantee in case you are not satisfied .

Update : We are  accepting new registrations for a limited number of users ( 50 users only ) . Please skip to Method 2 for alternate UDID activation methods  .

udid activation screenzz


Method 2 : Affordable UDID Activation

Go to Fiverr and follow the exact steps mentioned in the picture below to get UDID registered for just $5 .

  1.  On the site click on the top search box and type in “UDID” as shown in the image below sss
  2. In the next step you will see the search results coming up based on the keyword UDID . Now here you have to select the developers who are selling UDID Activation for $5  .udid
  3. Click on the sellers name and go to their product/service page . You will now be asked to register with the site . An easy way is to use your Facebook Login credential to quickly register and get past that screen . udid activation
  4. Here select the order now button to pay them for the activation . register udid
  5. This will take you to Paypal as the payment method in the next page . Here you have to enter your credit card details to complete the purchase or login using your existing Paypal ID . register iphone 5 for UDID
  6. Activation takes around 24 – 48 hours on Fiverr.

Method 3 : Free UDID Activation [Limited Period Only]

We are giving away free UDID’s for our readers , 3rd time . Follow the following steps to participate .

  1. Like our Facebook Page
  2. Like our Twitter Page
  3. Write down “Why would you like to install iOS 7” in the comment section below .

Note : Dont enter your UDID and Email in the comment content. We will contact you direct and ask for UDID via email . Giveaway closes  30 August 2013 .

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to see if I could live with an un jailbroken iPhone 5, I had all of the iPhone since the very first one “yes I’m one of those that buy all the new hardware” since I switched to to Mac I have to say that Apple policy has bugged me a lot, with telling me what I can do with MY phone and not letting be the judge of what I can or cannot install on it.
    Now thanks to the Jailbroken gurus out there the IOS is getting better. I want to experience the IOS7 before the new iPhone get out and see if I have enough features to give up my jailbreak. I think my iDevices has always been Jailbroken since the first jailbreak available. I was a pocket PC before and was also changing the OS at that time.

    I would love to be a developer but with 5 kids and stay at home mom I’m so busy that I can’t find time to study and learn how to help out on the field!!

    Now I’m ready to pay for it, but I did try with this free option for 2 reasons;

    1st I send the email to you guys to pay and get registered but I hope by doing both option will get me registered sooner!!! Yes I have need more patience I know

    2nd I didn’t know about your website every day I read more about updates and new stuff in the Apple world and I’m glad to have one more site to read. I reviewed your site and I really like it, so I’m happy to share it on my Facebook and Twitter account.

    Well, thank you, keep up the great work and wish me luck.

    Best regards

    Didier Donato

    1. Thanks for your comment brvhrt. Welcome to our 3rd UDID giveaway . Email your UDID to jailbreakmodo[at] and we will hook you up with a Free UDID Slot .

      1. You know you are a very honest man and a gentleman and I ready updated to iOS 7 and didn’t had any activation error message ! Thank you ! Been trying to activate this phone for the past 2 days cause I paid another guy 10 and he kept telling me the UDID is registered ! Thank you for your honestly, I will be having another iPhone 5 tomorrow, would you also be able to register the UDID number when I pay you ?

      1. WOW! THAT WAS FAST!!!
        Great! And thank you for the quick reply,
        I will post some of my observations and impressions of the IOS7,
        Thank you very much!!

  2. I’m really excited for the aesthetics, and very eager to try out the new menu at the bottom. And to discover what other little tid bits they added are,

      1. I paid Sourish Nath $10.00 through PayPal for UDID registration but it doesn’t work then ask him for help, git nothing so disappointed!!!

  3. I had my iphone 5 jailbroken my son (5 yrs old) went through it and some how reset everything forcing me to restore only to have it updated to current iOS. I miss my jailbreak and iOS 7 is the closest thing to it! All the new things like the control center, the 3D and paralex effect, the new lock screen, being able to pull up the center for quick toggles on lock screen like flashlight and calculator. Just how it looks amazes me!!! I’ve never won anything in my life, winning a free UDID would surely make up for a lost jailbreak :) thank you!

  4. Omg!!!! Thank you so much!!! My eyes literally watered I’ve never won anything before!!! Thank you again, your the bomb!!!

      1. Hi , just paid 10$ to another guy to activate my UDID and it didn’t work, I have an iphone 4s, would i be able to update it to IOS7 beta 6 and wont have the activation error code?
        I am willing to pay the 10$ again. he keeps telling me my UDID is registered but I am sure its not.
        this is my UDID number
        IPHONE 4S

  5. Ah there we go it automatically activated… Thanks so much again…one last question…say I needed a replacement and went to apple? Would I lose it all because the UDID is specific to this phone?

    1. UDID is devices specific , so a replacement would mean , you need to get the new one activated aswell

      1. So basically be extra careful because if I need to get a replacement then this UDID would go to waste correct? Or would apple transfer over to the new device since I’m activated now?

  6. I’m always interested in trying the newest and latest software on any device, beta or not. I’ve been anticipating for ios 7 to come out.

  7. Hi

    I have used ios 7 on my friends device but I want to try it on my ipad. I have been trying from the 1st beta but it was of no success :(
    It’s high time. Last time I am trying else I have to grab the $5 deal..

    1. If my udid is activated I will be so happy to use the ios7 as it is the best update by far that is going to compete with all other iOS that people are saying that android can do that apple can’t. Well, now we can

  8. I am beyond stoked for this new software update, iOS 7. I have been waiting for the day for years to come. Being an original iPhone purchaser from the first iPhone, I love seeing the advancements and cannot wait to download it. Would really love a UDID though. I don’t have PayPal!

  9. I’m a apple-mac and iphone addict!!!
    I can’t no wait for testing the ios 7!
    please help me with my UDID!

    it’s : ae73bfff097e946bad3665e95187c2d6928e1f0d

    Thank you very much ;-)

  10. I would like to test the new software before it comes out …

    1. Liked FB page.
    2. Followed on Twitter
    3. UDID: FFFFFFFF4647705A9CF746CB838951CB6FDCE923

  11. I would like to test the new software before it comes out …

    Liked FB page.
    Followed on Twitter
    UDID: FFFFFFFF4647705A9CF746CB838951CB6FDCE923

  12. i like its new design new features .I would like to check the iOS7 before it comes out publicly ..


  13. I liked ios 7 because, it will be the best experience that i can have with a iPhone, moreover, i want to install ios 7 to be the first how have of my friends.I liked ios 7 because its the best experience that i can have with a iPhone

  14. Thank you for this blog I always go here for apple related stuffs. Sadly, last night while I was sleeping my iPhone suddenly updated on its own. So now it’s asking for an activation of UDID or something. This made me sad, hopefully you could help me. *begs*

    Please help me.

  15. I would love to install iOS 7 to get a fresh feel on a new UI since there hasn’t been one since initial release of iOS and iPhone. I really love the direction apple took with the new software. It’s simple clean and very elegant. I also love the new animations. It makes the phone become very alive and still reliable. Hope to hear you! great blog. Much love ! #Teamiphone

  16. Not sure what my problem is, and I can’t seem to find any fix for it. I paid my ten dollars for the UDID activation, I heard back extremely quick and within an hour or so I received an email saying that my UDID was activated and ready to go. So I went to iTunes and I alt+option clicked to install the iOS 7 beta. This is where the problem arises. iTunes will not let me install the beta. I keep getting a message saying that my phone is not authorized to receive the beta update. At first I thought it was just because Apple did not register my phone yet. But now it has been almost 12 hours now so I’m at a loss. I’m not sure if there is a step I missed or I just haven’t given it enough time yet, but now I’m starting worry that I wasted ten dollars. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Hi,
    August 11, 2013 I did pay $10 by PayPal to Sourish Nath for UDID activation and still this time can’t get the ios 7 beta 5 work/update to my iPhone5 emailed him few times to get help he did replied twice and get no help to make it work, I always get error and said this iPhone was not capable for new update (OS7 beta5), please help!

    UDID: 22ba30361ea037c1f83a530c81b8634c8c4b16b8

    Thanks, Romie

  18. So I’m guessing nobody else won since its Sept. 1st, and this ended on Aug. 30? Cause I have not heard any update or even seen a recent post.

  19. I guess can’t get any help, I will just go to paypal and ask for 100% refund, and wait for the true iOS 7 update from iPhone/apple.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  20. 28bcddd01162d06318779cd454aef3163bfd6ae8 Could please register my UDID i really need provision profile + certificate. please do it please :'(

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