How to Download iOS 7

On September 10 Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. As well as that, they confirmed that iOS 7 will be available for official download from 18th September, ie. today . The media event ended with the release of the Gold Master version of iOS 7 to developers.

Image : iOS 7 running on iPhone 5

ios 7 iphone 5

Method 1 – OTA (Over the Air)

This is by far the easiest option and the smallest update, as it doesn’t interfere with any of your personal settings, data, files or apps. However, please be aware that OTA updates tend to take a little longer to reach some devices and are not always available on the official release day. As a small aside, if you are intending to jailbreak your device when the untethered solution becomes available, it’s best not to use this method as it may interfere with the jailbreak:

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Tap General and then Software Update 
  3. Wait while your device searched Apple’s servers for the new firmware update – please note, if you are not using Wi-Fi this process will use your cellular data plan ios 7 ota update
  4. A pop-up message will appear – tap on Download and Install ios 7 download iphone 5s
  5. Your device will begin the download and installation procedure, after which it will restart and your iOS device will be newly installed with iOS 7. Please allow a few minutes for this procedure. ios 7 downloading

Method 2 – iTunes You need either a Windows PC or a Mac with internet connection and your USB to Lightning cable

  1. Connect your PC or Mac to your device with the cable and launch iTunes
  2. From the list that appears, select the correct device – the one connected to your PC
  3. Click on Device Summary  then on Check for Updates itunes ios 7 download updates
  4. A message will appear on screen informing you of the update – click on Download and Install itunes ios 7 verify
  5. iTunes will now go through the procedure of updating your device to iOS 7. Allow around 15 minutes for the entire process.

Method 3 – IPSW Download the correct IPSW for your specific model of device

  1. Make sure your iOS device and computer are connected and open up iTunes
  2. Click on Device Summary itunes restore ipsw
  3. Press down on the Shift key (Alt or Option for Mac Users) and click Update  simultaneously keyboard shift key
  4. Find the IPSW you downloaded earlier and click on it
  5. iTunes will now update your device to iOS 7

Update : iOS 7.1.2 Download now Available

Download iOS 7 IPSW – Full Version

Perhaps in an effort to encourage consumers to fork out for new devices, support for iOS 7 is limited to the following:

  • iPhone – 4, 4S, 5
  • iPad – 2,3,4, Mini
  • iPod Touch

If you have an older device, you have 2 options – stay on your current firmware or trade it in for something newer. Apple is currently operating a trade-in program in all stores where you can trade your old model for credit against a newer one. Full details can be found here.




  1. I have ios 6.1.2 and I’m not able to update, because there’s no information about updating to ios 7, just 6.1.3.. Do I need to download 6.1.3 and then ios 7 ? (iphone 4s)

    1. Mate, just connect your iPhone with iTunes, then it would ask you to download the new software and here it is.

      No need to firmware and these stuff …Good Luck

      1. Pero hay algunos (como yo que instalamos todas las betas de ios 7 y estamos en la GM o la final) y en itunes nos dice que el software esta actualizado y nesesitamos la version definitiva

      1. I’m from Guatemala and I have the model A1428, So that means the model is available worldwide… A1428 is a GSM model and the A1429 is a CDMA model

  2. I have the iOS 7 GM but when i tried downloading the full version, the GM and iOS 7 full are same file names? Can anyone say if it’s the official release?

  3. There are no functional links to download ios 7 as suggested in this article and the comments. Lame. The OTA install didn’t work for me when I checked it several times today, and ITunes reports that I need to update to ITunes 11.0.5 before installing ios 7, but I’m already at iTunes 11.0.5 so nothing works.

    the update is no longer appearing OTA. First thing this morning it said that 7.0 was available but that it required wifi to download, which the article above says is not required. Lame, Lame, and more Lame.

  4. could you tell me please what is the different between ipad 2 wifi and ipad 2 wifi (Rev A).
    Thank you in advance.


  6. Which would be the dmg password for

    IPhone 5
    IPhone 4s
    IPhone 4 (GSM)

    ?? The biggest dmg file is locked by password. =(

  7. i ve ios 7 gm installed in my iphone5 ( 1429) ,and im not a developer. how do i update to ios7 official and which link to download , gsm or cdma?

  8. I have a iPod Touch 4G, but iOS7 doesn’t want to download in iPod Touch 4G, is that a problem or iPod Touch 4G don’t have iOS 7 ?

  9. I have IPhone 4 with IOS 5.1.1 and modem firmware 02.10.04. It is untethered jailbreak and I am using old GEVEY SIM to unlock it.
    Now I do want to upgrade IPhone 4 to IOS 7.0 without locking my device.
    1- Can I do that? If I can, how I do it?
    2- Do I need the jailbreak to unlock the IPhone 4 (knowing that I am using old GEVEY SIM)?

    1. I have IPhone 4 with IOS 5.1.1 and modem firmware 02.10.04. It is untethered jailbreak and I am using old GEVEY SIM to unlock it.
      Now I do want to upgrade IPhone 4 to IOS 7.0 without locking my device.
      1- Can I do that? If I can, how I do it?
      2- Do I need the jailbreak to unlock the IPhone 4 (knowing that I am using old GEVEY SIM)?

      Go to EBAY, look for permanent factory unlock for iphone which will cost you around $3-4 .. then after its unlock, you don’t need your to use your GEVEY SIM. Then you can update to any new firmware, no need for any jailbreak.

  10. hii dear I have I phone 4s with version 5.1.1 (9B206) I HAVE jailbreak on my I phone and know I need to upgrade to iso 7 with I tunes so which one I can use and best way plz thnx for help

  11. HELLO I HAVE A BIG PROBLOM…I BOUGHT An iphone from someone which didn’t delete her idapple acounnt .the problem is she stopped to use ios and she forget her password . how can i make this phone to be useable again if her idapple account is compromise?

  12. Now My iOS version 8.3.
    I want ios 7.i downgrade with iTunes but can’t downgrade.because error 3194

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