Some iOS users have been unable to make it past iOS 7, mainly because of hardware restrictions and a lack of support from Apple. With there being no hope of any new jailbreaks for iOS 7 anyone who is not running one of the existing utilities can no longer install Cydia on their iPhone or iPad and that means they can no longer install any of the tweaks and games they used to. Fortunately, FlekStore [ext link] has just been released, providing access to a ton of content.

Image : FlekStore App

What is FlekStore ?

In the recent past, there have been a few app installers released, each offering some access to a few tweaks and other content. FlekStore offers far more content than all the others put together and, as an alternative to installing Cydia, it is a decent one. Anyone can install FlekStore and, because you are not using a jailbreak, there is nothing Apple can do about it. Take a look at what FlekStore has in store for you:

Features of FlekStore :

  • You don’t need to install Cydia, making it ideal for those who can’t jailbreak anymore
  • Install FlekStore easily and find your way around it with the simple navigation interface
  • Some of the very best jailbreak tweaks, including PlayBox, AirShou [ext link] and vShare, to name just a few
  • The latest games and apps, in all categories, free to download
  • Regularly updated, all the latest content and the latest developer updates
  • Built your own app and can’t get it into the iOS store? Put it in FlekStore without having to jump through registration hoops first

How to Downloads FlekStore :

You can download and install FlekStore on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by following the tutorial we have carefully drawn up for you. It includes all the steps you need and the download links and you can find it in the linked article below. If you can’t get on with FlekStore, deleting it is easy and, should you be one of the rare ones that finds an error, they are easy to fix as well:

FlekStore is incredibly easy to install and to use and you certainly won’t be lost for something to download. With the lack of jailbreak utilities, it would appear that we are going to be relying on app installers like FlekStore more and more in the future so give it a go and see what you think of it

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