Fix iOS 7 Missing Personal HotSpot Feature iPhone – iPad

A common problem that seems to be arising on the iPhone and iPad is the lack of a personal hotspot.  These are useful for turning your device into a personal router and connecting other devices to the internet through it using your data network. If it does disappear from your iPhone or iPad there are a couple of things you can try.

personal hotspot ios 7 iphone 5

Steps to Enable Personal Hotspot on iOS 7 :

  1. First of all make sure that the personal hotspot feature is switched on. Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and scroll down the screen to check. If it is enabled but you still can’t access it go to the next step. Personal hotspot gives wifi , USB and Bluetooth access to the internet on a different device . You can use your laptop or other iOS device to connect to the personal hotspot and access the phone’s cellular data to go to the internet . Some carriers like AT&T and Sprint charge their users for personal hotspot feature . Make sure there are no additional charges for using this feature . ios 7 cellularpersonal hotspot ios 7 iphone 5
  2. Turn cellular data off and then turn it back on again.  Again, go to Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data and tap to turn it off. Leave it a few minutes and then tap to enable it again. Also disable and enable to 3G setting as well.  Now you can check to see if your personal hotspot is back.  If not, onto the next step.cellular data network ios 7
  3. If you have recently installed APN certificates, remove them and see if that works.  They could be the cause of a conflict and may stop personal hotspot from being visible.  To remove the certificates got to Settings > General > Profile  and remove any APN certificates listed.
  4. If nothing has worked so far try removing the Nano SIM tray, taking out the SIM card, waiting a few minutes then reinserting it.  You might have to give it a few minutes for your signal to reappear.  When you have done this repeat step 2.
  5. One of the last things to try is resetting your network settings.  Go to Settings > General > Reset  and tap on Reset Network Settings.  If this doesn’t work then the final step is the one or you. reset iphone 5 ios 7 network settings
  6. Get in touch with your network carrier and ask them to fix it for you. Sometimes they may just send a link down to your iPhone or iPad. This will install a profile onto your device and, once you have installed the certificate it will automatically enable Personal Hotspot. personal hotspot ios 7

If you have any other fixes for this problem, do let us know via the comments section below .




  1. Hi. Since the ios7 update I’ve been unable to use it properly. I use it to connect to my ps3 and play online but since the update it keeps disconnecting me from the servers. Any idea why?

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