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Once upon a time, you would have had to install a jailbreak to your iOS device if you wanted anything different than the stock iOS apps. That is no longer true, thanks to a pair of developers by the name of Kevin Ko and Majd Alfhaily, who have come up with an app called Extensify [ext link], an app that you can install directly onto the stock iOS with no need to jailbreak. Don’t for one minute think that this is going to do away with jailbreaking, though; Extensify does not go anywhere as deep as the act of jailbreaking and cannot break into the iOS.

Image : Download Extensify

download extensify ios 7

What is Extensify and How Does It Work ?

Extensify is essentially a store full of tweaks but not identical to jailbreak tweaks. With Extensify, you don’t make any modifications to the stock app at all. When you go into Extensify, you pick the tweaks for the apps that you want, download a build for them and then install . What gets installed is a modified version of the app, running side by side with the stock app. In other words, you get a new app and the old one stays where it is.


Extensify is a great idea for the time when we are in between jailbreaks and for those who really don’t want to go down the route of jailbreaking but would still like a few more feature in the stock iOS apps.  The developers have worked long and hard at this to bring us some jailbreak like features and the app is very smooth. Even better, it works on all versions of iOS 9 and iOS 10 firmware.

How to Download Extensify :

Method 1 :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari browser. Don’t try this with any other browser because it won’t work safari open iphone
  2. In the address bar, type in [ext link] as shown in the image below download extensify2
  3. When the page loads up, look for the UP arrow at the bottom and tap on it extensify download
  4. You will be presented with a list of options to choose from. Tap on Add to Home Screen download extensify1
  5. Now you must name and save your app so call it Extensify and tap on Add download extensify0
  6. Shut Safari down and you will see this Extensify icon on your home screen extensify app on ios 9 homescreen

Video : The video below shows you how to do these steps

There is another method but we can’t tell you about it at the moment because it is currently in closed beta testing by a select group of users who have been given access to Extensify Beta code [ext link] . As soon as they have finished we will be able to update you .