Most of the jailbreak community will agree that, just recently, things have been pretty appalling. The number of jailbreak utilities released has dropped considerably and the few that we have got can only be used by certain groups of users. It is little wonder that the jailbreak community has started to look elsewhere for a way to customize their devices and add some more features to it and, thankfully, a number of app installers have come to the rescue.

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Like TweakBox [ ext link ], TutuApp, and AppValley [ext link], Emus4U is another app installer that provides decent access to quite a bit of content from Cydia, including the emulators that many users jailbreak their devices to get. There are plenty of other apps to choose from, including a large selection of paid app store apps, modified apps and tweaked apps, all for free.  Even better, there is no need to jailbreak to use Emus4U [ ext link ].

Features of Emus4U :

  • Support provided for all iOS devices on all iOS versions
  • Dead easy to install and use 
  • Simple intuitive design makes it easy to navigate
  • Full customer support
  • Regularly updated with the content as per user requests
  • Customize the way Emu4U looks on your device
  • Download a selection of themes to match Emus4U to your device
  • Built-in cleaner to rid your device of annoying temporary and junk files
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • No need for jailbreaking

No Jailbreak Needed :

The jailbreak situation has been pretty dire just recently and we have no way of knowing if things are going to pick up when the next iOS firmware is released.  To be fair, given that we got to the stage where jailbreak utilities were being released regularly, we seem to have taken a step back to the old way, with few utilities, waiting longer and longer between releases and, those that are released are all semi-untethered.

It is for reasons like this that Emus4U and other app installers are likely to be adopted more and more by iOS users. With no need to jailbreak, nobody needs to worry about voiding their Apple warranty and Emus4U does offer a great choice of content to download from. While it can never offer the level of content that Cydia does, it is well worth a look so follow the links below for more information:

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