Download iTunes 11.1 for iOS 7 Download – PC and Mac

As well as iOS 7, Apple has also released the updated version of iTunes, v11.1, for both Windows and Mac OS X. The biggest single feature of the update is the support for iTunes Radio, a brand new addition to iOS 7.

Image : iTunes 11.1 for Mac and PC


iTunes Radio was announced officially at WWDC in June, confirming the rumors that had previously appeared.  Right now, streaming content is the focal point of the digital industry and iTunes Radio gives users the chance to find new music at the same time as listening to those tunes and artists they are already familiar with.

More and more people are prepared to pay to listen to unlimited music streams these days and, although Apple’s latest creation cannot really be compared to the likes of Spotify or Xbox Music just yet, one day it will do. Analysts are also predicting that, as time goes on, iTunes Radio will eventually make Apple’s current digital download system a thing of the past.

iTunes Radio is now an integral part of the Music App on any device running iOS 7. It allows you to select from any of the hundreds of preloaded stations or you can choose your own musical taste and iTunes Radio will fill in the gaps for you. And, with this latest update to iTunes, you can now get iTunes Radio on any Windows or Mac desktop.  iTunes 11.1 also includes full support for iOS 7 meaning you can easily sync your device with your PC or Mac whenever you want.

itunes-radio-ios 7

As with any update, iTunes 11.1 also includes a series of bug fixes and performance updates so, even if you are not all that interested in iTunes Radio, it’s still worth downloading the update. Below is a list of the new features available with iTunes 11.1:

iTunes 11.1 Features :

  • iTunes Radio – ad-supported unless you subscribe to iTunes Match
  • Genius Shuffle – Clicking on this will allow iTunes to shuffle your music and play those tunes that sound great together. Click it again and you get something new.
  • Podcast Stations –Create your own stations of podcasts that automatically update with brand new episodes. Everything syncs seamlessly over iCloud to the Podcast app, including your subscriptions, current position and stations.
  • Sync with iOS 7 – 11.1 allows you to sync your music, movies, etc. to any other device on iOS 7. You can also easily sync apps to your iOS 7 device.

Image : iTunes on Mac

itunes mac osx

If you don’t have iTunes on your Mac or PC yet, you can download it here. If you are already using it and want to update .

Download and Update iTunes :

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Navigate to Help
  3. Click on Check for Updates 
  4.  iTunes will search for the latest version. When a Popup message appears, click on Download and Install. itunes 11.1 download

iTunes will now be updated to v11.1. Once you have done this you can also download iOS 7 using iTunes instead of an OTA update .

Install iOS 7 on iPhone :

  1. Connect your device to your PC or Mac
  2. If iTunes does not automatically launch, open it
  3. Navigate to the Device Summary  and click on the device that is connected
  4. Click on Help On the navigation bar and then on Check for Updates itunes ios 7 download update iphone 5
  5.  Popup will appear telling you of the updated firmware, click on Download and Install. itunes ios 7 verify
  6. iTunes will update your device to iOS 7

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  1. How Can I download iOS 7 for my iPad . Model nbr A1219 …wl tis model b able to support tis download version .

  2. i got download for ios 7 when I open the I tunes and put restore I saw on my screen only the version 8.1.3 and my iphone 5s cnnot work on this version

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