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As we expected, Apple released the Gold Master version of iOS 7 to developers’ yesterday afternoon, following their media announcement.  This should, barring any disasters, be the final version before the public get to download it on the 18th September.  If you are a registered developer, the update is available, although only through the Development Center at this stage.

Image : iPhone 5S Gold running iOS 7 firmware

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Download iOS 7 Last Beta :

The last beta was number 6, almost 4 weeks ago, and that was only to fix an issue that arose with iTunes in iCloud. It’s expected that the GM version will also only be a small one, just to add ion the final changes to complete the firmware.

At the moment, we know that the GM version contains a few bug fixes and a few improvements, including new sounds for charging, unlocking and for the Siri mic and also some new ringtones and alert sounds. There are also a total of 34 new Apple wallpapers included.

How to Get iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone ?

download ios 7 gm

If you are not a registered developer and you want to download the Gold Master, there are 3 ways to get it done .

Option 1 :

Join the official Apple Developers program at a cost of $99 per year . This is meant for app developers to test their app before its released to the public. If your device is not registered , your iOS 7 GM will show Activation Error .

Option 2 :

Let our UDID team register your UDID for just 1/10th that price . For $10 we provide you instant activation and 1 year of support for upcoming beta’s. This method is perfectly legal and your UDID will be officially registered on the Apple database. Here’s how to save yourself $89 per year:

  1. Email your UDID number to us at 
  2. We will send you details of how to make payment of $10 through PayPal and payment ID details on when you can expect your UDID to be registered – usually around an hour register UDID ios 7 iPhone 5
  3. Once registered, you can go ahead and download iOS 7 GM version using the links below.

Because this is a premium service, you will receive full support from us in downloading and installing iOS 7 and a full Money-Back Guarantee in the event you are not satisfied.

3rd Option – Find an Apple Developer :

While there are plenty of websites that will offer you cheap UDID activation . Fiverr is one of the most reputable and genuine. Follow the steps below to find a developer to register your udid for $5 .

  1. Go to Fiverr  and find the search box on the top right corner of the site as shown in the image below .  fiverr search page udid activation iphone 5s cheapa
  2. Type “UDID Activation   in the search box at the top   as shown in the image below . This will bring up a page which will show results with the keyword searched udid
  3. Choose from one of the results that appears – all will be selling UDID activation for just $5
  4. Click the sellers name to go to their sales page. You will need to register an account now – just click on the Facebook Login button for easy registration
    udid activation
  5. Click Order Now as shown in the image below register udid
  6. Now choose your payment method – wither input your card details or pay via PayPal. register iphone 5 for UDID

Activation through Fiverr can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. If you are not prepared to wait that long head back to the Premium Activation method.

Download iOS 7 GM Version – Official Links

iOS 7 GM Download Links – Unofficial

iPhone 5 A1428 :

  1. Mirror 1:
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 5 A1429 US CDMA And Rest Of World

  1. Mirror 1:
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 4S

  1. Mirror 1:
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 4 GSM

  1. Mirror 1:!TVVFQBYK!Ao7fuEvmbD9779WfgeO3JRqfC-cTHetcCW5YUtRkPyk
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 4 Rev A

  1. Mirror 1:!PIFk2C7K!EjDvnXqTU2f2vbtqqtUuzD8YkcY7ulwb9FTUZbPz8jY
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 4 CDMA

  1. Mirror 1:!SBEDlC5B!cCTntVuaGbGdCgusnwVNkXb95MEfEEJe6O9YMJ2nAU4
  2. Mirror 3:!cw4hALDb!ZJyrUUlrfLT120lK7pWc5gkQDOAJVhRF3-OGCNRcL40

iPod Touch 5th Gen

  1. Mirror 1:!DMNFiBYQ!f187rUqlsTTCUCYh0ToEjzL5g0wfaKI0u_lJItoCOwg

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    1. No , just download it from mega. or it will appear under OTA in a day or two. all beta’s for 1 year are free to download for you now

  1. Hi

    one question regarding GM. I made research due to problems with synch using latest iTunes 11.05 and seems to be we have to have iTunes 11.1 beta if we wish to restore iPhone from back up? Does anyone have those problems ? I use Windows not Mac, iTunes beta can be easily downloaded for Mac but there was no release for Windows. How to deal with this problem? Any ideas?

    1. You cannot use official links to download . you will need the downloads from a 3rd party server [mega] . we are uploading it in a few minutes

      1. i got the GM and its working now, but it says that I can’t use the phone with iTunes 11.05 and I need to update to 11.1 which is not out yet

  2. I keep getting the same message about itunes 11.1 when I’m plugged into the computer- BUT if you go into general on your iphone and do an ICLOUD BACK UP it will back up your iphone with the GM version with out the 11.1 Itunes.

  3. hi, i have the ios7 beta 6 installed on my iPhone 5 and ipad 4th gen, will i be able to update ota when the final versión is released on sept 18th or i will have to download it and install it from itunes?


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