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Yesterday, Apple started off their WWDC with a keynote speech. Part of this was dedicated to introducing the newly designed iOS 7 firmware and this has now been made available for those with a registered developers account.  At the moment it is only a beta version and it is hoped it will be made available to the public in the Fall.  If you are not registered as a developer and you want to be click here. It costs just $99 per year and gives you access to all sorts of downloads from Apple.

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How to Get your iOS 7 Beta :

Apple has released iOS 7 beta for developers for testing purpose. If you are a developer with a $99 Dev Account , just login to your account and download iOS 7 for your iPhone , iPad , iPad Mini and supported iPod Touch . If you are not a developer and still want to download the beta release of iOS 7 , here are the links. (works only if you have an account in Apple Dev Centre) .

Latest Problem with iOS 7 Installations :

Soon after Apple released iOS 7 beta to developers , on-developers ie. regular iPhone users started downloading the beta firmware which is not meant for general use were started to be downloaded and installed on devices worldwide. Apple found this and activated the system to not allow any device which is not part of the Developer program . This means , now regular users started faing Activation Error on their phone [starting iOS 7 beta 4] . They came across a screen as shown below and followed with more errors like “Connect to iTunes ” black screen

Image : Itunes Activation Error

iOS 7 Activation Error

Image : “Connect to iTunes” error on iOS 7  iPhone 5 when there is a failure to install and update iOS 7 beta . This is also called iTunes Recovery Mode problem . When connected to your computer it will ask to restore the device .

connect to itunes png screenshot (1)

Download iOS 7 Beta Links :

Note : After downloading the required iOS 7 beta 1 ipsw , follow this tutorial to install it without UDID activation .




  1. Me also I want to install iOS 7 but the problem is there is no free here and I’ve tried so many sites no free. I give up and I will just wait for the free update will come soon. Cheers man and no point updating now since its still a BETA Version. :)

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