Download iOS 7.1.1 for Massive Boost to iPhone Battery

iOS 7.1.1 was dropped on us earlier this week and contained only minor changes and bug fixes. Included were fixes to keyboard lag, problems encountered using a Bluetooth keyboard with VoiceOver enabled and some improvements to fingerprint recognition on Touch ID.

Image : iOS 7.1.1 Battery Update

battery performance boost ios 7.1.1

As well as that, a few security issues were fixed. All in all, the update is nothing too special and, with WWDC just around the corner, it may well be the last update before we get our hands on iOS 8. The new firmware is expected to be unveiled at the WWDC 2014 keynote speech on June 2nd, followed very closely by the release of the first beta to developers. Public release is expected in September, alongside the new iPhone 6.

One other thing has been discovered in iOS 7.1.1 – it looks highly likely that Apple has included some changes that enhance battery life considerably. Journalist Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has been keeping any eye on the battery life of his iPhone 5 ever since he bought it as new.

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He says that, under iOS 7, battery performance dropped significantly. His battery meter dropped by 52% after just 6 hours. However, after installing iOS 7.1.1, he noticed a considerable improvement, with the meter dropping just 24% after 6 hours.

He claims that this is better battery performance than what he was getting before iOS 7 was released. 26 percentage points difference is a huge amount, especially if you are one of those who needs their battery to last all day. Kingsley-Hughes compared the stats to what he was getting on iOS 6+ and says that, with iOS 7.1.1 the battery life is similar – on iOS 6 a usage of 6 hours dropped the battery meter to 74%.

Have you upgraded to iOS 7.1.1 ? Have you noticed any difference in your battery life ?

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