Download Google Maps for Offline Use on iPhone – iOS 7

Remember when the iPhone 5 was released last September ? Probably one of the most memorable things about it was that disastrous attempt at a maps app. Apple publicly dropped Google  Maps in favor of building their own, from the ground up but it seems they must have taken a wrong turn or two because their Maps app had rather too many issues to be taken seriously.. Anyway, a couple of months down the line, Google launched the own Maps app for iOS, which has since proved to be a huge hit.

Download Google Maps :

google maps offline use iphone 6


The app has just been updated to v2.0 for both the iPhone and iPad.  The updated version can be downloaded directly from the app store.

It has several new features including the ability to be able to download the maps to be used offline, a useful feature if you are planning a route and don’t want to use all your data or won’t have access to Wi-Fi or cellular connection when you need to use the app.  Android users have been able to do this for a while and now it’s the turn of iOS users.

Here we tell you How to Download parts of the Map for Offline use:

  1. Look for a specific area on the maps app and zoom into it.
  2. Make sure the entire area you want to download is visible
  3. Tap on the Search box and type in OK Maps google maps offline cache command
  4. Tap Search on your keyboard and the selection will be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad almost straightaway. offline maps google maps iphone 5s

Here’s a short video from JailbreakModo explaining how it works :

You can only do this with small parts of the map. However, you can split a map into several parts and download each one separately – you’ll just have to put them together again when you’ve downloaded them all.