Change SIRI Voice from Female to Male on iOS 7

With the iOS 7 reveal we were shown a lot of new features and many of the native apps and features were also treated to an upgrade. Siri, first introduced on the iPhone 4S is one of those that has been overhauled. It’s been made much faster and more reliable and new voices have been added.  As well as making the female voice sound a little more natural and not quite so aggressive, a male voice has been added as well, for US users. Male voices have been available elsewhere for some time. However, for the first time ever, you will be able to choice whether you want a male or female voice.

siri male female voice

Here’s how to change it on a device that is running an iOS 7 beta version:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap General  then on Siri male voice change siri ios 7
  3. Here you turn Siri on and off, change the language spoken, set up Voice Feedback, turn on the Raise to Speak function and let Siri know which contact is you personally.
  4. To change the voice tap on Voice Gender and choose whether you want male or femalesiri male voice change iphone 5 ios 7
  5. Exit the Settings app and you’re ready to talk to Siri with his or her new voice.

To change genders again, just repeat the above steps and easily flick between the 2. In case you notice, it may not be any coincidence that the male voice sounds a touch like an Apple commercial voice over.

Other features that have been added in to Siri include new language support for English, American, French and German. Other languages will be added over time as testing continues. Support for Google has been dropped in favor of Bing Search and Twitter has been integrated along with Wikipedia. Siri is also being given the ability to be taught how to pronounce difficult names