iOS Beta Expired – Activation Problem Fix

Many iOS 7 users are reporting Activation errors on their iPhone and iPad with iOS 7 beta installed . If you are facing a similar issue , here is a quick fix to solve the Activation Error on your Phone and start using it .

Image : iOS 7 beta activation error screen on iPhone 5

activation resquired ios 7

Steps to Fix iOS 7 Beta Expired Problem :

  1. First put your device in DFU Mode [Recovery Mode] by switching off the device first , then  press and hold the home and power button for 10 secs
  2. Leave the power button and keep holding the home button for another 10 secs
  3. Turn on iTunes on your computer , it should detect your device in Recovery mode ITUNES RECovery mode
  4. Click restore and update button as shown i the image above
  5. iTunes will now restore your device to the latest firmware and you should no longer face the beta expiration issue in your phone .
  6. Let iTunes download the required iOS 7 file from Apple Servers .
  7. iTunes will now install iOS 7 full version on your device
  8. After the installation is complete , you will come across this iPhone Activation Screen on your computer .activate iphone
  9. Enter your Apple ID and Password to activating and start using your device  .

This problem was faced by users who got beta installed on their device and dint update to iOS 7.0 when the final public version was released. Now that the limited beta edition has expired , every iOS 7 beta device started throwing this error while also disabling the basic features of the phone .

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    1. Turn off the iPhone.
      Turn on iTune in your pc.
      Press and hold home key, same time plug data/charge cable to iPhone which connect to pc.
      Now in iTune hit update button.
      Waiting untill it done.

  1. I just ran into this issue with my wife’s phone. As a matter of fact, your photos and videos can be imported into iPhoto. That’s all I was able to backup and nothing further due to iTunes giving a backup error since the iPhone was not activated. I hope this helps anybody trying to at least back up their pictures and videos!

  2. FIXED!

    first fix error 3194 with tinyumbrella.
    then download 7.0.2 and select it after shift-clicking on check updated.
    wait the end of update’s process and insert apple id’s data.
    welcome back iphone.

    hope this gonna help you ;) sorry for my english

  3. I’ve tried the Tinyumbrella way because I also got the 3194 error. Sadly I get the error message 11 now for which I can’t find a fix on the internet. Apple gives the suggestion to reset my SMC. I did but no luck.

    Anyone has an idea to fix this?

    I’m not a developer but downloaded the iOS 7 beta through an unofficial website.

  4. I do not understand how dare you marketing your software as it does jailbreak of ios7 and you are sure that it does not.
    It still did not work while I paid you 44$

  5. Is there a way to use your iPad if you updated to ios 7 and it asks for the previous owners apple id and password ?

  6. i’m having this problem:

    “This device is not registered in the Developer Program (iPhone). If you belong to the Developer Program (iPhone), register your device iPhone developer Program Portal in

    Please anybody can help me solve this problem, how can i restore it?

  7. I could restore my iPhone. But I forgot my Apple ID and Password. So I couldn’t Activate my iPhone. How nw? help me?? thanks

  8. I could restored my iPhone. But I forgotten my Apple ID’s Password. I use iForgot for But I forgot secret quetions. So could not active my iPhone. How nw?? Help me? thanks

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