Many jailbreakers are quite happy to stick with the sources that are already pre installed in Cydia but others want to add others, to get more choice. One of the more popular is a repo called AppVV and it’s popular because it is home to vShare [ read more ]. vShare allows us to download from a choice of paid and premium content and the repository has been in existence since 2011. Although AppVV [ext link] developers have been up against some tough criticism from the app developers and from Apple themselves, they are committed to continuing to bring you the very best content without charging you a penny for it.

Image : AppVV Repo Download

What is AppVV ?

AppVV is responsible for the development of vShare and the ever-helpful installation tool, vShare Helper. vShare is full of apps, games, themes, ringtones, wallpapers and much more besides, some from the iOS app store and all available for free. They are backed by a very active forum of developers and contributors, aimed at helping to answer your questions and keep vShare updated with all the latest content.

Image : vShare Interface

How to Download AppVV Repo :

You cannot get AppVV from the iOS app store as it is not the type of app that would make it through the security checks that Apple has in place. You can, however, add it to Cydia very easily and the guides below provide you with full instructions along with more information about AppVV repo.

Fixing AppVV Errors

Most people won’t have any trouble using AppVV repo but some users have come against the following errors when they are adding the repository to Cydia. If you can’t fix the errors with the linked guides below, you can delete AppVV from Cydia and start again:

Disclaimer :

Downloading paid apps without paying for them is considered to be piracy and we cannot encourage you to do it. We would prefer that you see this post as informational only and just use vShare and AppVV repo as ways of trying an app or a game before you spend any real money it. If you like it, buy it through the developer and support the work they do in bringing these apps and games to us.

Let us know if you have come across any errors that are not covered here and follow us on Facebook; we’ll send you instant notifications of all the latest updates.