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iOS 7 may be last year’s news but it is still the most popular iOS firmware that Apple has ever released and there are still a large percentage of users who have not upgraded from iOS 7+ to iOS 8. Here we have a roundup of all the iOS 7 releases and the changes they brought, along with download instructions.

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iOS 7 was released on 18th September. It was the single most radical overhaul ever seen in the history of iOS, bringing changes to the look and giving all stock apps new life. Activation Lock was introduced as a new security measure.

iOS 7 Download Links

iOS 7.0.1

iOS 7.0.1 was released on September 19th but only for the iPhone 5S and 5C. It was released to fix a Touch ID bug on the iPhone 5S and to fix an App store purchase issue.

iOS 7.0.2

iOS 7.0.2 followed on September 26th but was a small release to fix a bug that allowed a lock screen passcode to be bypassed and to introduce the Greek keyboard for passcode input.

iOS 7.0.2 Download Links

iOS 7.0.3

iOS 7.0.3 came out on October 22nd and was a mixture of bug fixes and changes. It was also the first release for the new iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2. It fixed bugs that were found on the lock screen and in iMessage as well as improving iWork stability and calibrating the accelerometer. A new Safari Password Generator was added in as well.

iOS 7.0.3 Download Links

iOS 7.0.4

iOS 7.0.4 followed on 14th November and again was just a small release to fix a FaceTime bug.

iOS 7.0.4 Download Links

iOS 7.0.5

Another small release, to fix a network provisioning issue on the iPhone 5S and 5C in China, iOS 7.0.5 came out on January 29th 2014

iOS 7.0.5 download links for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

iOS 7.0.6

iOS 7.0.6 came on 21st February and was to fix a Secure SSL connection issue on newer devices.

iOS 7.0.6 Download Links

iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1 released on 10th March and was a large release, introducing CarPlay. Also included were new voices and language support for Siri, changes to iTunes Radio, UI and a fix for iPhone 4 performance issues. It was also the release that shut down Evasi0n 7 jailbreak.

iOS 7.1 Download Links

iOS 7.1.1

Released on 22nd April, iOS 7.1.1 was a minor update with general improvements to performance, Touch ID fingerprint recognition and keyboard responsiveness. It also provided a boost to battery life.

iOS 7.1.1 Download Links

iOS 7.1.2

The final iOS 7 release came on 30th June, the last one for the iPhone 4, bringing improvements to iBeacon, data transfer to third party accessories and data protection of mail attachments.

iOS 7.1.2 Download Links

How to Download :


  1. Open Settings on your Home screen
  2. Tap on General > Software Update
  3. Tap on Download and Install ios-8-ota-update-ipad

Your iOS device will restart when the installation is complete


  1. Connect your PC and device together
  2. Open iTunes and click on the device summary itunes ios 8 ios 7
  3. Click Check for Updates
  4. Click Download and Install – iTunes will update you to the firmware and will restart your deviceitunes 7.1.1 download update

iTunes with IPSW

  1. Download the correct IPSW as per the links above
  2. Connect your PC and device and open iTunes
  3. Click Device Summary
  4. Press the SHIFT (Windows) or OPTION (Mac) key and click Update in iTunes at the same time mac keyboard shift option key update itunes
  5. Navigate to the IPSW and select itselect-ipsw-file-
  6. iTunes will update your device iphone_6_logo_apple

What did you think of iOS 7 ? Did you prefer it to iOS 8 ?

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