iOS 7 WiFi Signal Problem

When Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 4 to developers, it came with a bug that affected the Wi-Fi signal. It was hoped that it would be fixed with beta 5 but this was released on August 6th and no fix for the Wi-Fi came with it. This does beg the question as to whether Apple are actually aware of the issue and, if they do, whether they are planning to get it fixed for the next beta.

Image : WiFi Signal Problem

wifi problem iOS 7 beta 5 iphone 5

iOS 7 is being released in stages at the moment, so it’s normal to expect a few problems here and there. However, an issue with the Wi-Fi signal could be classed as being a major issue and, as such, requires pretty quick attention.

iOS 7 Beta WiFi Problem:

The problem seems to have started back in Beta 3 when some people reported that their iPhone 5 Wi-Fi signal had dropped a bit. Beta 4 seems to have made the problem quite a bit worse and there doesn’t seem to be any fix for it just yet.

Tests carried out by some who have experienced the problem have ruled out a router issue. The problem did not begin properly until iOS Beta 4 was released so it’s looking likely that it is a software problem rather than an external one. Further tests have revealed that, as each beta is released, the Wi-Fi signal strength drops even lower.

iOS 7 WiFi Problem Fix :

It seems to be an issue that is only affecting the iPhone 5 at the moment and it isn’t across the board. One consumer came up with one solution to the problem – check that your iPhone 5 does not have a metallic finish film protector on the back – if it does, remove it and you should see an improvement in the Wi-Fi signal.

This is not to say that there isn’t a software issue, it’s just worth trying.




  1. Ditto..ditto loose my wifi with no warning. aarrggg killing my data usage on my gym time! do I need to pull out my good old ipod? ugh…this was one reason for spending $$ on an iphone! (4S user here)

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