What Makes iOS 7 So Awesome

iOS 7 was first revealed to us on Monday June 10th, during Apple’s WWDC. Since then we have had several betas seeded to developers, the latest one being beta 5. Each day more features are being discovered so let’s look at the best of them, the ones that make iOS 7 a firmware well worth waiting for .:


download ios 7 beta 6

It’s clear that this is not iOS as we know it. The skeuomorphic look is gone forever, replaced by something a little more 2-D, flatter and more vibrant in color. We have more transparency in the icons and motion tracking.

Native Apps

All have undergone a complete overhaul:

  • Phone  – made easier, large images of contacts who are calling, redesigned buttons . You can choose to Facetime

    your contact or simply make a voice call . Deeper synchronization with Facebook and other social media , shows birthdays , email address and Facebook profile link for one touch access . ios 7 contact screen

  • Mail – Side swipe gesture for access to email folders, more refined text, larger photos email app iOS 7 download
  • Calendar – Now included full month view download ios 7 calender
  • Weather – animated to suit the weather, day, time, temperature and gives more informationios 7 weather app

Lock Screen

ios 7 lockscreen

The lock screen has now been made useful, containing access to the Notification Center and Control Center.  Google information such as weather, stocks and calendar reminders are all now displayed and it has since been updated with new icons and a better unlock slider.

Notification Center

As well as being accessible from the lock screen, access is also gained by swiping down the screen. See at a glance all your notifications, also includes a feature called Today, which lets you see reminders, weather, traffic, etc. in one screen.

Control Center

iOS 7 control centre download

Control Center gives you, with one simple swipe, easy access to all of your system settings. Also accessed via the lock screen as well.


Folders have been expanded to hold unlimited apps instead of the normal 12.

Camera App

The camera app has been revamped to allow easy switching between camera modes and it has built in filters.

Photo App

The photo app now has better photo and video organization, by date and location, making them easier to find.

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Multitasking has been made easier with full screen previews of open apps and the ability to close apps with a swipe gesture.


safari ios 7 iphone 5

The default browser has been given a makeover with the Search and IRL boxes now combined into one bar and you can now open as many tabs as you want.

App Store

appstore ios 7

Much cleaner with more categories. now you can add that you may want to buy later into a wishlist .


Popular with OS X users, Airdrop now brings easy file sharing to iOS.

iTunes Radio

Listen to preloaded stations or build your own custom radio station. Any song can be purchased with a single tap.


siri ios 7

Now faster, with Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing integration. Male and female voices with more language support, offers more device control


New app called Activation Lock requires Apple login to access the device, hopefully making it more difficult for thieves. There are loads more features, including iCloud Keychain, iOS in the Car, and many other smaller ones that go to make up the entire iOS 7 experience.

Facetime :

ios 7 facetime  (2)

Now allows voice calling over Cellular Data or WiFi . Instead of using call credits , use this feature to make voice calls to your friends all over the world at no extra cost , just the data used during the call , which is very minima;. However there are apps like Viber and Skype for doing the same thing , Facetime Voice comes pre-installed on all iOS devices .

Voice Memo :

voice recorder voice memo ios 7 (1)

This one has more options to edit the recorded voice. Our experience with iOS 7 says that the voice recording is much cleaner and louder on iOS 7 .

Here is a short video of iOS 7 features :

UPDATE 18/01/2015

While around 68% of users have now upgraded to iOS 8, there are still a handful who are running on iOS 7. If you have stayed on iOS 7 because you can’t decide whether to make the leap or not, you are missing out on some great features and two brand new jailbreaks. For more information on some of the best features, check out this post here.

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