What is Cydia and Why Do you Need it on iOS 7

For old hands and new users alike, Cydia is the single most useful feature of jailbreaking. Let’s face it, without Cydia tree wouldn’t be a point to jailbreaking. Those of you who are new to the jailbreak scene or who haven’t yet got round to jailbreaking, we’re going to take a closer a look at exactly what Cydia is and why you need to have it on your iOS 7 jailbroken device.

ios 7 cydia

Cydia is a third-party app store, created by Jay Freeman, aka Saurik. Its packed full of tweaks and themes, mods and apps that can help you to customize your Apple device in ways that the California-based company would never let you do.  Most of the apps are completely free, although some do charge a small fee.

Cydia iOS 7 Apps :

Some of the apps that you will find in Cydia have already been rejected by Apple for one of two reasons – they are in direct violation of the terms and conditions that Apple set out for apps or they are in direct competition with apps that Apple provide.

There is only one way to get your hands on Cydia and that is to jailbreak your device. The store is built in to the jailbreak utility, giving you access to thousands of different customization options. Jailbreaking is basically breaking open the locks that Apple has placed on the root of the operating system. Once you break it there are no limits to what you can do with your device, using Cydia to help you.


Using apps from the Cydia store is a risk because they are not regulated in the same way as those in the official App store. However, on the whole, most of these apps are completely safe and the benefits far outweigh the risk you take in downloading them.

Those of you who have already downloaded the iOS 7 betas will be aware that Apple has included a few new features that look scarily like some of the more popular jailbreak tweaks. So, you could be wondering why you would need Cydia if these features are already on iOS 7. Quite simply, those features represent a minuscule proportion of what’s available on Cydia. Cydia is home to thousands of options, too many for Apple to implement on their firmware and, until Apple opens up iOS and allows its users the options to customize in this manner, there will always be a need for Cydia.




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