iOS 6.1.3 Users can Upgrade to iOS 7 Beta 4 Now

As most of you are more than aware by now, since Apple updated their iOS to 61.3 or 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5, the possibility of a new jailbreak disappeared. Evasi0n, released in February of this year, kept up to date up until 6.1.2 but Apple effectively closed the door with the next update.

iOS-7 beta 4 download

For those that have a newer device who did inadvertently update or purchased the device with the updated firmware on it there is absolutely no hope of any jailbreak until the iOS 7 untethered tool is released. Anyone who has anything on an A4 chip can carry out a tethered jailbreak using Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze.

In the meantime, it has been made more than clear to us that there will not be an untethered utility for anything above 6.1.2. This is due for the most part to preserve the exploits that the hackers have already found. They don’t want to waste them on a small upgrade preferring, instead, to keep them for iOS 7. Plus, if the release them now, there’s  a chance, even if it is a slim one, that Apple could quite easily patch them now and that would make things difficult for the next one.

With everything that has been included in the new iOS 7 it looks as though it will be worth waiting for the new jailbreak tool. As well as that, because of a loophole with UDID updates it seems that more and more people are being allowed to update to the latest beta without being registered.

So, the question is, with this in mind, will you take the chance and upgrade to iOS 7, knowing that you will lose the chance to jailbreak, at least for a while anyway? Or are you happy to stay as you are with a fully jailbroken device and sit back and wait for it all to become public? The iOS 7 untethered jailbreak will not be out until iOS 7 is made public, which won’t be until September at the earliest. The security attack on the Development center may even delay things longer than that.




  1. I installed iOS 7 beta 3 throu iTunes with my iPhone 4(6.1.3).Then did an over the air update from my iPhone on iOS 7 beta3 to iOS 7 beta 4 but I had to restore back to 6.1.3 because of battery life,I installed ios7 beta 4 at 9am and 3 hours later I was at 40% and I had location services off and the background refresher apps off as well?but it’s beta so I hope it gets much better battery life for iOS 7 GM for my iPhone 4 as problaly all the new features are screwing with battery performance! Anyway hoping for the best for iPhone 4 users

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