Top VC Predicts – Apple Watch Won’t Live Up to The Hype

Fred Wilson, top venture capitalist with Union Square Ventures with investments in the likes of Tumblr and Twitter, has given his New Year Predictions for the year ahead. Amongst others, he is adamant that the Apple Watch will not be a success like the iPhone, iPod and iPad were and still are.

Image : Apple iWatch not going to be a Hit

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According to Wilson, the wearable tech market is full of hype that the product itself simply cannot live up to. He says that few people are likely to want a computer on their wrists and the wearable market will take a lot of time and money but won’t produce the expected results.   He isn’t saying that the Apple Watch will be an outright fail, simply that it won’t sell in the volumes that we’ve come to expect from Apple products.

Watches are a far more personal item than a smartphone or a tablet and isn’t perhaps as high on the list of priorities for many people. Apple is still likely to see sales figures in the millions but not on the scale of the iPhone. Indeed, many people will see it more as an accessory to the iPhone rather than a product in its own right.

Image : Tweets from Top VC Fred Wilson

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Wilson took to Twitter to clarify his position after several media outlets misreported what he had said. He confirmed that he didn’t say the Apple Watch would fall on its feet but did say that he didn’t think the watch would define the market the way that the smartphone has clearly defined the mobile phone market.

Of course, this could all be totally wrong and the Apple Watch could, in fact, storm the market and become the top accessory for all to own. What do you think the Apple Watch will do ?

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One Comment

  1. I agree with his tweets …. Fanatics and people who need to impress other people will buy them. Even if they were $600 each. That’s how apple works. This is NOT an innovative product though. It would be similar to …

    Apple releasing itunes downloads without any sales of iPods, iPads, or iPhones. Clearly people will come as it is an apple product, but it isn’t a game changer.

    Remember too a lot of people just don’t like watches. I never have and never will. Will only every wear one if my daughter nought me one. We all know if she did this it wouldn’t be an I watch, it would be something special … As it should be.

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