Top iOS 7 Problems and Solutions

iOS 7 seems to be causing a great deal of consternation amongst its users.  While some people have managed to get away with little to no problems, others, including those who have splashed out for the new iPhone 5S, are suffering big time.  While there are a lot of problems to cover, these are some of the more serious ones:

The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death :

iphone 5 blue screen

At the moment this seems to be confined to the iPhone 5S and is related to apps such as Pages, Numbers and Keynotes.  If you are using one of these apps to edit a document and you press the Home button, more than likely, the app will crash and you will be faced with the blue screen.  This is followed up by the iPhone 5S rebooting.  For some people, the issue is so severe, it has caused their iPhone 5S to fall into a reboot loop.

One theory behind this problem is a compatibility issue between the 64-bit iPhone 5S and the 32-bit apps.  Developers are currently working on updating apps to work on the new systems and it’s more than likely that Apple will push out a fix for it sooner or later.  In the meantime, we can’t give you a permanent solution, only temporary ones that have worked for other people:

  1. When you are working in documents, exit out of them properly BEFORE you touch the Home button
  2. Go into Settings > iCloud > Documents and Data, turn off Pages, Keynotes and Numbers and any other app that has caused the problem. documents and data ios 7
  3. If things get too bad, you’ll have to contact Apple Care or take the phone back for a replacement.

Faulty Sensors

Some people are finding tha some of the iPhone 5S sensors are a bit out of kilter.  One of them is the Compass app. For those who don’t know, when you access the compass app, swiping left across the screen brings up a spirit level.  It’s not working properly for some, along with the accelerometer, the gyroscope, and the actual compass.  Each person is having a different level of difficulty with these sensors but it is only the iPhone 5S that has the problem.

ios  compass

It cannot be determined if this is a problem with iOS 7 or with the hardware so the only solution is to return it for a replacement.  However, you might find that the new one you are given has the same problems.  If it is a software issue, Apple should release a fix for it but to date, there has been no acknowledgement from them of the problem.

Noisy Home and Side Buttons :

Some users are becoming irritated by the iPhone 5s Home button loudly clicking when pressed and, when the iPhone is shaken, he Power button rattles.  If you get a replacement, you’ll find the same problem on the new one.  Others have heard a loud clunking noise form inside which could be a loose battery.

home button iphone 5s

Take your iPhone 5S back to the store and show them what the problem is – they may be able to fix it there and then, especially if the battery is loose.  If not, you may have to accept that it’s just the way the iPhone 5S is constructed and live with the clicking and rattling.

Touch ID not working on iTunes

This issue was fixed by iOS 7.0.1 so, if you are still suffering with the same problem, check that you have actually updated.  If you are not sure, or haven’t carried out any updates since installing iOS 7:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update ota ios 7 iOS Screenshot 20130820-134031 01 (2)
  4. Your iPhone will search for the latest updates, click on Download and Install ios 7.0.4 ota  (1)
  5. Or, you can connect your iPhone 5S to iTunes, click on Device Summary and click on Check for Updatesitunes device summary ios 7 itunes-ios-7.0.2-download-updates

Fast Battery Drain and Overheating

Some iPhone 5S owners have found their new handset overheating.  This tends to be related to battery drain issues although, on very occasions, it may be a hardware fault.  It’s most likely related to iOS 7 and the use of specific apps.  There are 2 potential fixes .

low battery problem ios 7 iphone 5

  1. Reboot your iPhone 5s by pressing the Home and Power buttons down at the same time.  Next time it overheats, make a note of what you are doing at the time – you may be able to work out which app is at the root of the problem
  2. Back up the contents of your iPhone 5S and then restore it.  Be careful about what you install on it. restore itunes iphone 5 ios 7

If these don’t work, take the iPhone 5S back for a replacement, it could be defective.  If your battery is draining down fast, follow our tips for preserving it here.

Problem with Microphone

Some users have complained that the built in microphone is not working properly.  Either it isn’t picking up their voice properly, isn’t allowing people to record voice notes or the person on the other end of the phone simply can’t hear them at all:

  1. Make sure you have taken the protective covering off the screen
  2. If you are finding an issue in a specific app, ensure that app has permission to use the microphone.  Go into Settings > Privacy > Microphone and check that the app is listed.  iphone 5s  ios 7 microphone
  3. Do you use a case on your iPhone 5S ?  It might be getting in the way.  Try using the phone without the case or open Settings > General > Accessibility > Phone Noise Cancellation.  Tap to turn it off and see if that helps.iphone 5s  noise cancellation

Again, if nothing works, take it back to the shop and see if they can help.  If you have come across any problems that we haven’t covered, please let us know in the comments box below.

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  1. Ok so my problem is the mic for iPod touch 5. nothing hears my voice: memo, videos Siri… I tried everything and I reset it a lot of times and tried cleaning the mix by the flashlight… I can’t do anything with recording now, cause I only get video without sound or a blank memo or “say something” from Siri. Please if you know what to do that be helpful (and yes I heard about take it to the shop).

  2. I am facing a mic issue for normal call after updating to ios 7 in my iphone 4. That mean i can hear others but others can not hear me. What is the solution for..i have tried to solve this ussue by reseting the phone.but i failed. So if you all can give a solution, i would be much thankful to you.

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