The Next Gen iPhone 7 Production May be in India – Report

Traditionally, Apple uses manufacture companies in China to make the components for the iPhone and iPad but that could all be about to change. Foxconn, one of the biggest manufacturers that the Cupertino Company uses, has its sights set on India. A report in the Economic times says that Foxconn is going to start putting money into no less than three facilities in India for the purpose of building the iPhone for Apple. The three provinces targeted are Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

Image : Next Gen iPhone 7 Production Possibly in India


The facilities in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are reported to be factory spaces while the facility in Andhra Pradesh is reported to be for R&D. Foxconn have apparently hired a senior executive with Nokia, Josh Foulger, to help oversee the project, because he has experience at setting up facilities in India, namely in the Chennai region. The reports follow an initiative by the Indian government to establish India as a strong base for manufacturing and for overseas business.  Communications and IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, met up with the regulatory head of Apple for India, Africa, Europe and the Middle East to try to urge him to get an Apple R&D facility based in India. Apple already has such facilities in Israel, UK, and China. However, this may not be what it seems at first glance.

Image : iPhone 7 Concept

iphone 7

In the last year, a Foxconn subsidiary shut down three Nokia plants in Chennai, which left 1700 people without jobs. In a separate move, a Foxconn factory in Brazil has also reportedly failed to produce the number of jobs that were promised and is thought to be a big disappointment to the company. That said, pushing into India should be considered a smart move, especially as the country is second only to China in terms of being a developing market. And Apple’s business has also grown significantly there in the last couple of years with around $730 million worth of stock being sold in 2013-14 alone.

What do you think of Foxconn opening up in India ?

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