Steps to Use SIRI on iOS 7 to Access iPhone Settings

When Jony Ives and Co decided to overhaul iOS 7, they didn’t forget to include Siri. Since the feature was first included on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5+, it hasn’t been as smooth running as first hoped. However, with the new firmware, Siri has been given a whole load of new features, including being able to change between male and female voices, new language support, the ability to learn how to pronounce difficult names, and more besides.

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One of the best features is that you can now use Siri to access and operate your app settings, just by using simple voice commands. This is great time-saving method as it means you no longer have to exit an app, open your settings and look for the one you want. You can also use this feature from the lock screen but, if you have a passcode set, Siri will ask you to unlock the device, after which, the settings app you requested will be opened. Here’s how .

Steps to Use SIRI to Access Direct App Settings :

  1. If you are in a specific app, such as Safari, call up Siri by long-pressing on the Home Key safari ios 7
  2. Ask Siri to “Open settings”
  3. You will be presented with the settings for the Safari App siri ios 7 iphone 5 (1)
  4. If you are on your Home Screen and you want to open your main Settings app, use the same command – “open Settings” – and you settings app will open
  5. If you want to open up the settings for another specific app, again call up Siri and ask “open xxx settings” or “open settings for xxx” – don’t forget to include the name of the app you want the settings for!
  6. You can also open sub menu settings, i.e. Location Services, which is under the main Privacy menu – Simply ask Siri to “open Location Services settings”.

Not All Settings :

If you happen to ask Siri to open settings for an app that doesn’t have any, Siri will tell you that the settings can’t be changed or, occasionally, you’ll be told that you don’t have that specific app, even if you do!

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