Slow Charging iPhone 6 or iPad – Try This Fix

The biggest single complaint of most iOS device owners is battery life. In this day and technical age, we often find ourselves having to charge our devices more often than we would like. If your iPhone or iPad doesn’t charge quickly enough for you we have a few tips that might help speed things up :

Image : Slow Charging iPad

ipad slow battery charge

  1. Use the Right Cable

With iOS 7 and 8, if you use an unsupported cable you get an error message. The iPhone or iPad will still charge but not as quickly. There is a jailbreak tweak for this but its best to get a genuine cable.

  1. Turn it Off

Turning your iPhone or iPad off while you charge it is the quickest way to charge it up fully. If you leave it switched on, it is still using power and will take longer to get there.ipad power off

  1. Airplane Mode

If you need your device on while its charging, slip it into Airplane mode. This stops the device looking for Wi-F and cellular signals, thus conserving power and speeding up charging time. You can do this through the Control Center or Settings.

640x500 iPad airplane mode

  1. Use a Wall Charger

Your iPhone or iPad will charge up much quicker if you plug it into a wall charger. If you must use your laptop to charge it then make sure there are no other USB devices plugged in and your device will charge quicker .

wall charger ipad

  1. Look After Your Battery

To keep your battery performance at optimum levels, you should do a few things:

  • Update to the latest iOS 640x500 iPad software update
  • Keep your iPhone or iPad away from extremes of heat
  • Remove restrictive cases while charging
  • Go through a minimum of one charge cycle each month [charge the iPad to 100% and fully running it down until it shuts down]
  1. Leave it Alone

Some of us use our devices almost nonstop and sometimes they need a break. Cut down on checking it every minute, and don’t do anything on it while it’s charging

Do you have any other tips for our readers to speed up charge times ? Share them with us in the box below.

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