Samsung to Produce A9 chips for Upcoming iPhone 7

Despite the fact that Apple and Samsung are constantly at war, they do rely on each other quite a bit for one thing or another. A new report out from Bloomberg Says that the Electronics Division at Samsung are going to be responsible for the manufacture of the A9 chip for the iPhone 7. The manufacture will take place in South Korea at the company’s Giheung plant and, while the bulk of the order will come from there, the rest has been given to GlobalFoundries Inc., a partner of Samsung.

Image : A9 chip Production for iPhone 7 by Samsung

apple a9 processor

According to the report, Apple chose Samsung over TSMC this year because they offer a more advanced 14nm fabrication process. TSMC picked up the bulk of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus A8 chip order last year, taking the majority order away from Samsung. The Korean Company was always the biggest supplier of the A chips for Apple until the lost the contract in 2014 and, in order to win this year, they have invested a huge amount of money in their factories and R&D, including the sum of $15 billion on a brand new manufacturing plant, to be located just outside Seoul. TSMC has also made some heavy investments in their technologies and factories and is expecting to take the contract back from Samsung in 2016. Apple has long preferred to have two manufacturers on board in order to avoid supply issues – if one cannot cope with the full order, there is another to take up the slack and Apple doesn’t have the delay issues they faced with the iPhone 5.

Image : A Semiconductor Production Facility

apple a9 chip

According to reports, or rumors, the next generation iPhone, now thought to be named the iPhone 7, will be upgraded to included 2 GB RAM and Force Touch technology, although the latter may possibly only be available on the larger 5.5” iPhone. Further rumors indicate that there may be a 4” budget iPhone 6C in manufacture, seemingly backed by images released earlier this month, although these cannot be authenticated.  We’ll bring you more news on the iPhone 7 as it arises.

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