Recent Survey shows iOS Dominating the Enterprise Market

Piper Jaffrey analyst, Troy Jensen, has just carried out a survey that suggests Apple is the dominant manufacturer of the Enterprise market. He surveyed 114 different companies and a massive 98% of them supported iOS. On top of that, 89% of the companies supplied their employees with iPhones or iPads for work purposes.

Image : iOS 8 Dominating the Enterprise Market

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In second place was Android with 79% of the companies supporting them followed by Microsoft Windows Phone with just 58%. In terms of the hardware offered to employees, 57% offered Android devices while just 30% offered a Windows Phone device.

Apple has long been a dominant player in the Enterprise market and, as such, these results shouldn’t be of any surprise to anyone. However, only 50% of the companies surveyed said that they would be supplying their employees with an iPad in 2015, around 10% lower than 2014. On the upside though, only 18% of the companies actually supplied any form of tablet to their employees so Apple still has plenty of room to grow.

Image : iOS Dominance in Mobile Segment

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In recent months, iPad sales have slowed and a larger adoption of them in the Enterprise market is perhaps the best way for sales to be given a boost. The downturn is likely due to the high adoption rate of ultralight notebooks and the phablet smartphone, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, it is expected that deployment of tablets amongst enterprises will continue to increase.

And, to help that along, Apple has gone into partnership with IBM in a bid to come up with business-grade apps and services, meaning that adoption of iOS devices, especially the iPad and the larger iPhones, is almost certain to increase.

Do these figures surprise you or did you expect Apple to be Number 1 ?

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