Posixninja Leaks Details about Open Jailbreak for iOS 7

P0sixninja has been busy on Twitter yet again, this time with bit of a teaser tweet, telling us that had “amazing things coming soon” and that we should think much larger than a jailbreak. A bit more clarification arrived today with a message stating that he doesn’t like Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze or iOS 6.1.3 and that he was “ready to get this #openjailbreak off the ground”.

open jailbreak ios 7

Joe Rossignol from iFans interviewed P0sixninja, better known as Joshua Hill, and he says that this #openjailbreak is going to be a repository for an open source jailbreak. Surenix, another developer, is currently designing the website that will go with it.

Hill explained that the repository would be an amalgamation of the open source jailbreak parts that he has built over time. He claims that a good deal of his code has been chopped up and put into other projects and that it is now all over the place.  His idea for the repository is to keep it all in one place, allowing other developers to chip in with patches and ideas about the future.

Rossignol also says that Hill hinted at something much larger, saying that the repo was a “small part of an ultimate plan”.  He has already let slip that he plans to release a bootrom exploit in the future and we already know that he has discovered quite a few exploits for a new iOS 7 untethered jailbreak.

iOS 7.0 Jailbreak Preview : Activator app icon shown on iPhone 5 home screen below

ios 7.0 jailbreak

Earlier today rPetrich tweeted a photo of his iPod jailbroken on iOS 7, proving that it can be done.  P0sixninja has been absent from the jailbreak front for some time, since releasing Greenp0ison and Absinthe, 2 very successful jailbreaks he was involved in as a member of the Chronic Dev team.  It looks as though he is back and about to make his presence known in a big way.




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