Official iOS 7 Installation Tutorial – Legal iOS 7 Download

After several months of testing and no less than 6 beta versions, iOS 7 has finally been made available to the public. The upgrade is available via an OTA update, iTunes or by downloading the IPSW.

Image : iOS 7 running on iPhone 5

ios 7 screenshot lockscreen  (2)

iOS 7 was not received quite as well as Apple has hoped it would be. The camp was pretty much evenly split with some loving it and others thinking Apple should have left it alone.  The same can be said of progress made throughout the last few months with the beta versions. Many still have mixed feelings about the firmware although there are some definite improvements to it.

Image : iOS 7 lockscreen

ios 7 screenshot lockscreen  (1)

If you haven’t got round to installing iOS 7 yet, we are going to give you the options for downloading it. You can also take a look at this video showing you the whole process including how to back up your device first.

Download Option 1 – OTA

This is the easiest option and requires only a good Wi-Fi connection to work.  A word of warning – if you have previously jailbroken your device you will NOT be able to download the update OTA, choose one of the other options instead.

  1. From your Home Screen, open your Settings App
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update
  4. Your device will now search for the latest updateios 7 ota update
  5. Tap on Download and Install  on the pop up message that appears
  6. Your device will now be upgraded to iOS 7 ota ios 7 update

Download Option 2 – iTunes

For this, you will need to update iTunes to most up to date version. 11.1 has  just been released with support for iTunes Radio and you can either download it here or update through iTunes itself. Be aware that, due to the number of users trying to upgrade to iOS 7 through iTunes, Apple’s servers are currently struggling so, if you have trouble, try method 1 or 3.

  1. Connect your device to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes
  2. Go to Device Summary, select the device that is connected (if you have more than one) and click on  Check For Updates
  3. iTunes will now check for the latest firmware and a pop-up message will appear
  4. Click on Download and Install 
  5. iTunes will download iOS 7 to your device

Download Option 3 – iTunes with IPSW

This is the option you should go for if Apple’s servers are struggling.

  1. Download the relevant iOS 7 IPSW
  2. Connect your PC and device and open iTunes
  3. Click on Device Summary and select your device
  4. Hold down the Shift key (Mac users hold the Alt key) and click on Update in iTunes at the same time shift option keyboard mac windows
  5. Point to the iOS 7 IPSW you downloaded
  6. iTunes will now update your device to iOS 7 full version

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  1. Beware, it will render your after market accessories useless… I just had to pay out over a hundred bucks for a new juice pack!

    Thanks to Apple we can finally know what it would be like to be North Korean..

    Samsung here I come!

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