NYPD Encouraging iOS 7 Downloads to Prevent iPhone Thefts

As we all know by now, Apple has added in some extra security to iOS 7, in the form of Activation Lock. Up until now, the California-based Company has come under fire from several directions for the lack of any real safety measures to stop iPhones and iPads being stolen. However, the new system has received praise from the San Francisco DA George Gascon and the NY General Attorney Eric Schneiderman.

Image : NYPD Flyers asking iOS users to upgrade to iOS 7 to get the new security features on their device


The NYPD already have an iPhone app, a special team dedicated to tracking down stolen iDevices, and now they have printed up a set of flyers encouraging users to download iOS 7 and set up Activation Lock straightaway.   The flyers are being distributed through the Apple retail stores in New York in a bid to try to stem the increase of iPhone theft in the City.  The NYPD are also passing the flyers around local Subway stations and an image of the flyer has now been posted on Twitter by for all to see.

Activation Lock requires the use of the owners Apple login credentials for the device to be wiped, before Find My iPhone can be disabled or before the device can be reactivated if it locks down. It is hoped that the app will discourage thieves by making it harder for them to access the contents.

Update : More iOS 7 Update Flyers from NY Police Department

ios 7 download nypd notice

Those of you who have had their iPhone or iPad stolen will know just how quickly a thief can wipe it, disable Find My iPhone and set it up as a new phone. It is hoped that Activation Lock will stop this practice, or at least reduce the number of thefts. If you haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 7 you can follow our guide to help you.

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