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Just recently, we have been hearing rumors about iWork Suite and iLife being made free.  There have been app information pages spotted to back this up and now Apple has announced that iWork, iPhoto and iMovie will be completely free of charge. For those that don’t know, iWork is Apple’s productivity suite, their version of Microsoft Office, and it includes a spreadsheet feature – Numbers, Keynote, which is a presentation app, and Pages, Apple’s version of Word.

Image : iWork on iOS 7

ios 7 iwork apple download

The California-based company has recently announced that all of these apps are to be incorporated into iCloud without the use of Google Drive, possibly in an attempt to increase the numbers of people using them. Making the mobile versions free will only serve to enhance the rate of adoption. While the apps were only a matter of a couple of dollars to buy, we all like to get our hands on these things for nothing. And, if you buy one of the new devices that’s what you’ll be getting.

A demo was given at the Apple Media event on 10th September although, it was noted, that the apps don’t yet have the same design as everything else on iOS 7. However, by the time the final version arrives at our doorsteps, every app will be covered by the design and will have lost its previous skeuomorphic look. For those of you that us your devices for work purposes, iWork is the perfect suite to help you. And, if you are into taking photos and shooting video, having iPhoto and iMovie for free can only encourage and help you. Considering most consumers use their iPhone’s as camera now, rather than buying standalone ones, being able to get these apps free can only be a good move.

Image : iPhoto on iOS 7 iPad

iPhoto_iPad_White_ios 7

imovie iphoto ios 7 iphone 5s

At the moment, Time Cook has specified that only those who purchase one of the new devices will get these apps for free. That could just be his way of talking you into going and buying one. However, it probably won’t be too long before all of these apps go free for all devices.




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