Now 63% of iOS Users have upgrade to iOS 8 Version

When Apple first released iOS 8 to the public in mid-September, the initial adoption rate was low. Part of this was due to many users wanting to see what, if any, problems there were with it and part was because it couldn’t be jailbroken. Subsequent updates were released to fix some of the many issues with Wi-Fi and general instability but still adoption of the firmware stayed low.

Image : iOS 8 Download Status

ios 8 download rate

Today that rate stands at 63%, according to data garnered from the iOS app store on 8th December, rising by 3% since 24th November, showing that things are picking up slowly for the latest iOS firmware. The last few releases have stabilized the firmware quite significantly and, add to that the Pangu and Taig jailbreaks, more users have reason to update now than they did back in September.

With the number of iOS 8 downloads increasing, iOS 7 has dropped back to 33% with just 4% of users still on iOS 6 or earlier. This time last year, iOS 7 stood at an adoption rate of 74% so iOS 8 has some way to go yet although some users of older devices are struggling with performance and space issues.

Download and Update to iOS 8.1.2 Today :

iOS 8.1.1 offered up some speed and performance enhancements for these older devices and today iOS 8.1.2 download has landed as an update for all iOS 8 compatible devices. For those of you that have an older device or anything less than a 16 GB model, the update is best done via iTunes as it takes up far less space than an OTA update, is quicker and is also compatible with the jailbreak.

  • Download iOS 8.1.2 IPSW
  • How to Install iOS 8.1.2 on your device

Have you updated your iOS device to iOS 8+ yet or are you not going to bother ?

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