No SIRI on iPhone 5C – Fingerprint Scanner on iPhone 5S

Gene Munster, analyst for Piper Jaffray, has made more predictions regarding Apple products and this time they center on the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S, expected sometime in the fall.  He says that he doesn’t believe the iPhone 5C, the budget iPhone, will have Siri on it. He also believes that, once released, it will take the place of the iPhone 4S at the bottom end of the spectrum.

ios 7 siri iphone 5

The iPhone 5C is expected to be made of poly-carbonate and will have a 4” display with lower spec hardware that the current iPhone 5.  It’s also thought and Munster predicts he same, that it will have a $300 price tag without a contract.

He believes that by removing features such as Siri, the 5C will not have too much of an impact on sales of the 5S and other, more expensive models.  On the other hand, Apple  are going all-out to promote Siri at the moment so it would seem a strange move if it were not included on the budget handset.

Munster also comments on the iPhone 5S, saying that it will have a fingerprint sensor but it will only be used for unlocking the iPhone, not for anything else. However, it could be more integrated in future iPhone models and used for secure payments and other features. Other than that, the iPhone 5S is expected to be pretty much the same in looks as the iPhone 5 but will be slightly more upgraded.

Image : iPhone Home Button convex in shape

iphone 5s home button convex with fingerprint sensor

Gene Munster had a few predictions to make on the rest of the Apple lineup as well. He expects the iPad 5 and Mini 2 Retina to release in October. He also believes that there will be a new Apple TV device out and ready for shipping early in 2014. And he is of the opinion that we will see an iPhone with a larger screen and the iWatch by the middle of 2014.

An Apple media event is expected on 10th September but it’s not know what will be unveiled. Stay tuned to this page and as soon as we have any official word we’ll pass it on to you.



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