New iPhone 7 Concept with Home Button built on Display

Another day and another iPhone 7 concept has appeared on the internet, this time concentrating on what the home button may look like if Apple integrated it into the home screen and made the bezels smaller. The concept comes from popular designer Martin Hajek and was created for Computer Bild, a German publication. On the current lineup of iPhones and iPads, the bezels are reasonably large, thanks in a large part to the home button and embedded Touch ID sensor.

Edge-to-Edge Display :

iPhone 7 jailbreakmodo2_batch

Many people have asked for smaller bezels but they never materialize; even the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look quite a bit bigger than other devices of the same size because of the broom needed for the bezels. The latest concept shows off an almost edge-to-edge display with extremely slim bezels and a much slimmer looking iPhone.

Integrated Home Button :


As you can see from the pictures, the home button is integrated into the screen along with the Touch ID sensor, making a much neater looking display and making the iPhone display look larger without actually having to increase the size any more than it already is.iPhone 7 jailbreakmodo4_batch

New Logo and Camera :

iPhone 7 jailbreakmodo0_batch

iPhone 7 jailbreakmodo3_batch iPhone 7 jailbreakmodo1_batch

The concept also shows off a logo on the rear of the iPhone that is illuminated, along with a dual sensor rear camera. This is something that has been the subject of many rumors and patents filed by Apple in recent months and, although there was a rumor that the iPhone 7 would have the dual sensor camera, we can’t confirm that at this stage. Dual sensors would give the camera a more professional stature and would be capable of producing images that are close to current DSLR standards, a real bonus for a camera that is already classed as one of the best in the world on a mobile device.

The concept certainly looks very nice and the edge-to-edge display does give the iPhone a very elegant and somewhat classy look to it. Whether an integrated home button would actually take off is another matter; there is a good chance that it could be distracting and get in the way, especially if you are trying to watch a movie or play a game on your iPhone.

What do you think of this latest concept ? Do you like the idea of an integrated home button ?

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