New Features on iOS 7 Beta 4

A little while ago, Apple released iOS 7 Beta 4 to developers for all supported devices.  This beta has fixed a few known issues and added in a lot of changes to the user interface, as well as being a lot more stable. The changes are:

  1. Lock screen – New slide to unlock icon and new icons for Notification and Control Centers ios 7 beta 4
  2. Phone App – More refined buttons for Messages, Answer, Decline, End, and Remind Me. screen-shot-2013-07-29-at-10-34-15-am
  3. Spotlight – New look and an added Cancel button
  4. HDR Button – Relocated to top center of screen
  5. Notification Center – Swipe between panels instead of tapping buttons; new notifications for completed uploads
  6. Mail App – Changes to Image Downloads
  7. Safari – Minor graphics changes
  8. Photo App – Filters added to older iPhone models and the UI has been redesigned slightly.
  9. Reminders – New search bar added
  10. Keyboard – Minor changes screen-shot-2013-07-29-at-10-57-21-am
  11. Setup – Much better Back buttons
  12. Airplay – New icons
  13. Newsstand – Minor UI changes image3
  14. Music App – Shuffle and Download All Songs returned
  15. Home Screen – Better transparency and animations for folders
  16. iPad – New resolution changing button for iPhone only apps
  17. Airdrop – Choice of sounds for Alerts
  18. Siri – Better Twitter integration, new Q&A section added siri ios 7
  19. Compass – much faster calibration

iOS 7 Beta 4 Change Log :

You can see the Full iOS 7 Beta 4 change log here, detailing all the improvements and fixes that Apple has made this time around.

As you can see, there isn’t anything too exciting this time. It has been mentioned that a small amount of code has been found that indicates a fingerprint sensor. This adds to the previous rumors that it may be available on the next iPhone, due out in September alongside iOS 7.

As each beta is released we can expect to see less and less in the way of new features and more refinements and aesthetic changes. There are expected to be at least 2, if not 3 more betas before the Gold Master is released in September, just ahead of the public release.



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